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  1. Paris' speech has over 1million views on Youtube already?!

    The haters are ATTENTIONwhores. They're not evil, just pathetic. They just wants attention. They write shit about anyone hoping that somebody will notice them and comment back. It's the final outlet for somebody who has no talent, are affraid of conflicts IRL, and just wants to be seen. It's sad...
  2. Who's doing ok now?

    I'm at Stage 2
  3. Things to try to get your mind off MJ's passing?

    I'm an atheist but I still find comfort in thinking that he's in heaven jammin with James Brown now. I've been crying for almost two days now, and the place I can go to in my mind if I get too overwhelmed with grief is too dark for me to handle so I try not to go there. I'm bipolar and have...
  4. Hollywood TV: MJ Outside Millions of Milkshakes { New Pictures } 04/27/09

    lol marilyn manson is copying the fedora/scarf/glasses style Anyway, allways nice with new pics! Even though his clothes are horrible IMO lol
  5. REQ An MJ painting from the "Living With" documentary

    Yessss thanks! I love it
  6. REQ An MJ painting from the "Living With" documentary

    Hey guys I saw the "Living With Michael Jackson" documentary for the millionth time a couple of days ago, and at one point, you can see a huge painting in the background of Michael where he has no shirt on and he has the You Are Not Alone hairstyle and there are some kind of angel-babys around...
  7. Pictures that make you go WOW!!!!!!!

    Re: pictures that make you go WOW!!!!!!! I know there is a lipbiting thread, but this one was just too adorable. The squirky smile, the wrinkles around his eyes. His lips. So devious, like he's up to no good. Cute as a button!
  8. A very cute Thriller era candid pic!

    Haha the koala is all *nom nom nom* Am I weird for thinking his fingers look really good there btw? =P
  9. Michael In The Smilies -game

    (There's a pic like that trust me =D)
  10. Michael In The Smilies -game

    Close enough? =P Someone else can pic the next smilie if this pic is okay