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  1. TMZ documentary - who really killed Michael Jackson

    Has anyone seen this documentary? Watched it yesterday: It has interviews with Debbie Rowe (she doesn't talk about Michael, but about her work with Arnold Klein). Has parts of the AEG deposition (hadn't seen this before...
  2. New purearts figure

    First pic of the new figure by Purearts. Looks like it'll be another 1/3rd size one. Too big for me, but nice they're making new stuf.
  3. New Smooth Criminal statue now available

    Hi, The new figure that was announced a few months back is now available for pre-order: This thing is huge (60cm). Here's a video:
  4. New MJ action figure

    There's a new action figure being released
  5. Laurieann Gibson, did she work with Michael?

    Watching Dance Moms, there’s a choreographer who keeps saying she worked with Michael Jackson. Google says the same, but not when, where and what she worked on. Anyone know?
  6. New Smooth Criminal toy

    Head sculpt is mweh, but that outfit!
  7. New Michael Jackson doll coming soon

    Check out these pics :D
  8. David LaChapelle - 3x Michael Jackson

    Older photo's, but finally managed to get them in higher resolution. American Jesus: I'll Never Let You Part, For You Are Always in My Heart American Jesus: Hold Me, Carry Me Boldly American Jesus: Archangel Michael: and No Message Could Have Been any Clearer
  9. Jackson & Jordan, Jam action figures

    Got a Michael Jordan figure last week. Made the custom outfit for Jordan and the Jam shirt for Michael: Jam, Jam, here comes the man...
  10. For the fans: photos from MJ Gallery & Cafe in Macau, China (pic heavy)

    We're in Hong Kong right now and visited Macau for the day, to check out the MJ Gallery and Cafe they have at the Sofitel Hotel. MJ is the main casino attraction. They advertise with it when you arrive in Macau: Free shuttle! Frontside: Backside: At the entrance: When you enter they...
  11. MJ sights and places in Los Angeles

    Took some pics of MJ sites in LA, thought people here might like them as well: Encino Compound: Holmby Hills: Mural: Forest Lawn: THE door: He's behind the top window at the tree: Thriller video home MJ at Grammy Museum: Another mural: Walk of Fame: Madame Tussaud:
  12. MJ Glove

    Got this MJ Glove from MJ Gallery at Ponte16 in Macau:
  13. Michael History tour opening statue

    Just found this on Ebay. Think it looks rather cool (well, the face is so so):
  14. New porcelain statue

    Remember the old porcelain statues from about 12 years ago? Around the same time a different statue was made, one which shows a waving Michael, with a mask. Some of these statues have been found and they are for sale now.
  15. MJ in Osaka, 1987(?) - high res anyone?

    Hi, Does anyone have a high resolution version of this photo, or any other photo that was taken near what I think is Osaka castle?