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  1. Scary13

    What actually happened to Rod Temperton after the Thriller-Era?

    On the topic, Quincy wanted MJ to write most if not all of the tunes for Bad. That's mainly why Temperton wasn't included in the final project.
  2. Scary13

    Madonna Appreciation thread - For fans

    Here's the link to "I'd Rather Be Your Lover" with 2Pac.
  3. Scary13

    Madonna Appreciation thread - For fans

    That's a very cute picture of Madonna and David. :)
  4. Scary13

    Madonna Appreciation thread - For fans

    I'm all for a new Madonna album! I'm looking forward to it. Make us dance some more, Madonna! :)
  5. Scary13

    Madonna Appreciation thread - For fans

    I love the Hard Candy. I loved all of Madonna's albums since Ray of Light onward, but it was really nice that she changed up the sound for Hard Candy. I love Give It 2 Me, Incredible, Miles Away, Candy Shop,etc. There are so many great songs on that album. I've heard "I'd Rather Be Your Lover"...
  6. Scary13

    Madonna Appreciation thread - For fans

    I've always loved that Madonna changed her look for every album. Do you prefer her hair short or long? Blonde or Brunette? What is your favorite Madonna video? I prefer all of Madonna's hairstyles long and short, but I always wonder if she'll chop off her hair again. I really like Madonna as a...
  7. Scary13

    What Are You Listening To?

    Re: What are you listening to? Escapade - Janet Jackson
  8. Scary13

    Soap Opera Fans I have bad news for you about AMC and OLTL..

    I've been a fan of All My Children and One Life To Live since I was a child in the late 1980s. Erica Kane and Victoria "Viki" Lord have been a staple in my household as my grandmother watched them daily when she would take care of my brother, my cousins, and myself. At first, I was all about...
  9. Scary13

    Madonna Appreciation thread - For fans

    I've been feeling some Madonna lately. I've been going back to her first album and listening to the song, Physical Attraction. I love that tune.
  10. Scary13

    Any other fans of Gloria Estefan?

    I'm a fan of Gloria's. I grew up listening to her music. My favorite song is Don't Want To Lose You. She has a beautiful and soulful voice.
  11. Scary13

    Paula Abdul

    I was a big fan of Paula's as little kid. I remember listening to her music heavily on the radio. Her and Janet were hot at the time. I thought it was really cool that Paula choreographed Janet during the Control album. I have Paula's Greatest Hits album. I pop it in from time to time. I would...
  12. Scary13

    Is Janet the Next Cher?

    I believe that it is very possible for Janet to have another hit. It's all a matter of the material she puts out and the timing. Despite anyone's personal opinion, I do believe there is still a demand for Janet Jackson.
  13. Scary13

    Janet's Number One's World Tour Official Thread

    I was at the Atlanta show last night and I agree with Chanel! The crowd was hyped the WHOLE SHOW and Janet killed it! It was a full-on party and I didn't want it to end! My sister and I had an AMAZING time! This was my sister's first-ever concert and she was ecstatic as I was! :) We had the time...
  14. Scary13

    99 Things about YOU

    001. Real name → Robert 002. Nickname(s)→ Disco 003. Zodiac sign → Leo 004. Male or female → Male 005. Elementary → Cherokee Elementary 006. Middle School → Purks Middle 007. High School → Cedartown High 008. Hair color → Black 009. Long or short...
  15. Scary13

    Janet's Number One's World Tour Official Thread

    Summer in Europe for Janet and her tour! Sounds like a lot of fun! :)
  16. Scary13

    Janet's Number One's World Tour Official Thread

    If anyone's concert was $18, I don't think any fans would complain about that. lol Probably not the best seats in the house and probably not the best views, but at least you get to be there.:yes:
  17. Scary13

    LaToya Jackson will be on 'The Celebrity Apprentice'

    I'm looking forward to checking her out! I hope she lasts long as well. I can't wait to see how she interacts with the rest of the cast. lol
  18. Scary13

    Phil Collins Announces Retirement

    I love Phil Collins! He'll be greatly missed! Another Day In Paradise is one of my favorite songs.