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  1. Mj tribute tattoo in progress ( now finished)

    Amazinggg! Your brave girl aha x
  2. The night I died (about Michael)

    Aww :) thank you for your comment much appreciated xx
  3. The night I died (about Michael)

    Inspired by our beloved Michael If you knew and saw what would happen after 1964 Would you of told me or watch me fall to the floor If you had a chance to reach out your hand Would you of showed me the picture given me that glance I remember feeling I was all alone and the walls were too...
  4. My first poem that I´ve created!!!

    Aww wow, that was beautiful, Michael would definatly be proud of that I know I would be if I was him :) Your a talented writer, keep writing! xxxx
  5. Usual love (comments please :))

    Unusual love you were something new someone I never thought I would meet we were so compatible just as one I got so scared and flew the nest you told me to believe and remember your there I should have stayed and had the faith but somehow it was all to much to bare she had a warm touch...
  6. Untitled... Brand New Poem Please Read :)

    Aww thankss your so sweet :) love ya girl
  7. Untitled... Brand New Poem Please Read :)

    You've left me down on my knees I'm here empty and left so weak You left me weeping on the floor I'm still here but its just no fun Oh i love you so, but we both fell apart We couldnt expect what was just around I lost myself, I fell so low Though you reached out to me, I kicked you down All I...
  8. Drift Away

    The rose fades into the midst as the leaves fall away When the sea starts to turn my guts plummet to the floor My feet fell away as the ground is a stones throw away We hold onto the air in the hope are souls are still our own, In the depths of despair the lord knows its right, “Let go of your...
  9. Lost The Way

    Aww thanks hun :) It does express some of what I feel, thanks :):)
  10. Lost The Way

    Bump :)
  11. Lost The Way

    Lost the way To start the day late at night And to end the day late at night You don’t have anywhere to go You try and catch up but it’s too late You build the tension and the tears Tears that run in the eyes of the lovers You appear the hater and the destroyer of love You hold onto your...
  12. So much to lose

    Aw thanks :) I really hope I get better everytime I write....Well I hope that I do xx
  13. So much to lose

    Thank you so much, :)
  14. So much to lose

    Thank you for the welcome. And yes I was trying to explain it but in a shorter way. When I say "When the mouth bellows with joy", it's that person who has been through turmoil, sadness and struggle. When after everything they been through the smile/laughter they were known to show off with pride...
  15. So much to lose

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  16. So much to lose

    So much to lose My name is yet unknown, my journey is nothing new and our memories have therefore blown out of sight, into the sky. We pray to one that we have the strength to carry on. We live our lives as normal leaving the ones we love the most alone. Without realising we give our back to...
  17. Barbara Walters to Profile Michaels Kids

    no offense people there Michael Jackson children it was bound to happen sometime or other. It's not right but getting angry aint going to do anything, their smart kids and i'm sure they will be fine they got good people around them I cant see them being destroyed by the spotlight.
  18. Woman Wants $50 Million from Michael's Estate

    Who doesn't? lol someone lock her up
  19. Leona Lewis punched at book signing

    Aww I love Leona she's such a sweetheart hope she's ok xxx
  20. Prince on MJ

    To lose someone you loved....... Prince bit late for the emotion don't you think considering you fobbed him off for like 20 years