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  1. Julien Nitzberg Announces Musical FOR THE LOVE OF A GLOVE, An Unauthorized Musical Fable

    The "death threats" claim is getting old. Dan said Safechuck and Robson got them and were off social media, but they weren't. People claimed Jordan and Evan got death threats but they were fine (Evan killed himself). Murray walking around freely. It's become the thing-Gayle and Oprah...
  2. Julien Nitzberg Announces Musical FOR THE LOVE OF A GLOVE, An Unauthorized Musical Fable

    Isn't this supposed to open pretty soon? I'm a little shocked at the people involved, as well as the Avenue Q style puppets-that's a lot of money right there. And I'm really interested in how Donny Osmond will react-he is alive, after all.
  3. We need to make another modification on the website...

    I haven't been around regularly in awhile and when I am, I'm on the mobile version. Did MJJC stop having the archived section? I used to read the previous years fairly frequently.
  4. New edition of Joe Vogel’s book “Man In The Music” up for pre-order.

    I really loved the book and actually need a new one, because I read the pages loose-but I hope he adds some of the stories that he wrote for the Huffington Post to the book. The one about the origins of 'Gone Too Soon' was so beautifully written and I loved it so, that I ordered the book that...
  5. Amazing new footage MJ in Disney!

    The Cascio kids. Eddie is playing the piano.
  6. How should i draw Michael?

    Based on the portraits Michael had made of himself and hanging in his home, I'd say he prefers Bad era and before.
  7. Stevie Wonder~merged~

    Love Stevie too and hope his surgery goes great. On another note, they got some huge names for this concert. Must be a big deal.
  8. Rare Pictures Thread

    That's a really cute picture of Michael and Vincent Price together.
  9. [Discussion] Sexual Abuse Claims Against MJ Estate - Robson/ Safechuck/ Doe

    what about Safechuck? Is their appeal date the same?
  10. MJ Good News Thread

    Short clip of them doing the backgrounds-there's a longer one out there on YouTube. Kinda precursor to WATW stars getting together.
  11. Michael and June?

    Personally always thought there was something going on with June. Also thought the same with Stephanie Safechuck. Not sure about Joy Robson, but I think all 3 were after him and would have gladly left their husbands. Michael didn't have qualms about going with a married woman with...
  12. Miscellaneous Michael J. Jackson - MMJJ

    Re: Paul McCartney Reveals Who Partied With Michael Jackson This is when Michael spoke of meeting Paul the first time. I believe when he told him about 'Girlfriend'.
  13. 10th One Rose for Michael J. Jackson, Roses for June 25th 2019

    Just lovely. It'll be lovely no matter how many-it always is.
  14. Michael Jackson owed Randy money?

    Why didn't Randy file a creditors claim when everyone else did? I know Michael was in court with some of Randy's guys-did it get resolved?
  15. Quincy Jones

    I was a kid when Mod Squad was on. It's funny how you don't realize you're watching history making TV when you're little. Thought Peggy was so beautiful as she retired to marry Quincy and raise her kids. She really loved him. And loved her comeback in Twin Peaks. I was really startled to read...
  16. (Prince) Michael Joseph Jackson Jnr. Discussion/Picture Thread

    Congratulations, Prince! Wish Michael was here. ??
  17. Motown

    Saw this advertised Sunday. Was wondering who was in it. Motown 60-seems impossible.
  18. The Estate/John Branca Considering Suing 'Leaving Neverland' Director Dan Reed over lies etc

    Do it, Branca!! And then use your connections, lobby congress and get the laws changed.
  19. New Michael Jackson documentary/film - Mirroring Michael Jackson (2019)

    Sounds like a good lineup. Glad to see Siedah there.