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  1. What is the ladies name....?

    You're welcome! Thanks for the additional clip!! Ohh Michael, such a ladies man!!! :yes:
  2. What is the ladies name....?

    The woman at 3:48 is Jane Pratt. :)
  3. What version of The Way You Love Me do you prefer?

    Couldn't agree more! :clapping: Listening to this song now (TUC Version) and it's starting my day off just right...along with my cup of joe! :D
  4. Hello Guys Im New

    Welcome!!!! Glad that you are enjoying yourself here. :D
  5. Are we MJ female fans the only ones who consider Michael physically attractive?

    My mom found him very attractive during the 70's era, (she's the same age as Michael) but that changed after the surgeries. She did, and still to this day love his music though. I, on the other hand, find him attractive before and after his plastic surgeries. I love his fro in the 70's, I love...
  6. What Are You Listening To?

    Re: What are you listening to? This Place Hotel
  7. Official "Michael" Tracklist and First Single "Hold my Hand" Announcement

    6 am here and I just listened to it. I think I'm about to cry. "This life don't last forever..." Miss u Mike...
  8. New Unreleased MJ Track "Opis None" = Remix of "Destiny"

    Re: New Unreleased MJ Track I don't even know what to say. This is just, sad.
  9. I'm Gonna Be A Daddy Again (UPDATE At Post #75- The Latest)

    Congratulations to you and your whole family!
  10. How do u deal with getting older

    I'm only 27, turning 30 in 3 years, but as I get older, I am noticing that my joints are starting to ache, specially in cold weather. So for now, I am just trying to deal with my juvenile arthritis and hoping that my fine lines will diminish after I put a load of cold cream under my eyes...
  11. Glee

    She will not be a mainstay, but since Sunshine joined Vocal Adreline, her and Rachel will have face-off time in the future...hopefully, in the near future! SUE ROCKS!
  12. L.A. or WEMBLEY? Let the MJ Estate know which BAD tour you want them to release!!!

    I vote for Wembley! But, I am with the majority, RELEASE EVERYTHING!! I want to see new footage!
  13. My Daughter is trying out for American Idol.

    I'm sure your daughter will be successful no matter what. More power to her and to you. :)
  14. Where did this came from? / Love letter from Michael to????

    Whoever that letter was for...she is one lucky lady! I hope that Michael got to tell her his feelings for her. Who is she? Guess the mystery continues...
  15. Justin Bieber Pelted by Flying Water Bottle

    This kid has done nothing wrong and all of a sudden, some loser decided to throw a bottle at him? What is this world coming to? Glad that Justin handled it well, much more than I would've handled it, if somebody decided to throw something at me!
  16. My trading card company finally went live with our first product. Yay!

    Wow! I don't know much about trading cards and what not but I do commend you for creating your own company from scratch. I know it is a lot of work, as I have also "tried" to start my own company before. Have you started any advertisements yet? I wish you and your company well. Keep it up! :)
  17. What was the last film/dvd you watched?

    Karate Kid
  18. Post your mood in ONE word

    Hurt :(
  19. What's The Time?

    5:20 am