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  1. MarielovesMJ

    Whatever happened to mjjpictures?

    It still isn't back up? :(
  2. MarielovesMJ

    "Desiree Speaks" Blog

    This is the blog writer btw. A pic of her:
  3. MarielovesMJ

    "Desiree Speaks" Blog

    I agree with ya'll on deleteing the link, you are giving the chick more attention ironicly.
  4. MarielovesMJ

    Amazon selling “Michael Jackson’s Dangerous Liaisons,” by Carl Toms aka Thomas O’Carroll

    Michael Jackson's Dangerous Liaisons [Paperback] Carl Toms (Author) 3.0 out of 5 stars See all reviews (8 customer reviews) 8 Reviews 5 star: (4) 4 star: (0) 3 star: (0) 2 star: (0) 1 star: (4) › See all 8 customer reviews... Available from...
  5. MarielovesMJ

    I don't like how the Party City commercial uses 'Thriller'

    You are right about this. They cant afford to use the song, that real version is very expensive so they have to use a copyright friendly version of the song. Which while has the same type of feel as thriller, it's not thriller.
  6. MarielovesMJ

    TMZ : One New Video That Has Never Been Seen Will Be Released

    Yeah that is the most inportant part of his discography wither that poster likes it or not. I have never heard someone said they hated the J5, heck the J5 era is the footprint of the MJ we know today.
  7. MarielovesMJ

    I Want You Back (cover) - David Ruffin

    Jimmy is still alive, Mostly has popularity in england kinda like the four tops do., the funeral that Mike paid for was david's. David died at 50 like Mike did. :(
  8. MarielovesMJ

    I Want You Back (cover) - David Ruffin

    Just learning about each tempt. I knew about this cover for a while And I like it, David sings it good. :D
  9. MarielovesMJ

    Jarvis C 'The truth Re.1996 BRITs: UK Radio 4 6.30pm 17th Sept 10

    jarvis does get mad that the only thing that he is known for is that MJ incident. And I think he did it for attention anyway.
  10. MarielovesMJ

    MJ youtube comments

    Youtube comments has the extremes of everything. I don't bother commenting on there. Some people are usally the most stupidsest and dumbest people, heck some are so dumb I wonder how they even know how to log on to youtube and say the stupid ish they do.
  11. MarielovesMJ

    Accounts, sites, blogs to be reported!

    That ParisJacksonEatsS**t Channel is way over the top, sorry but if these are grown folks pulling that shit, I would love to personality beat the shit out of them. I do not give a crap if you don't like Michael or his music but to attack his kids like that is way over the top.
  12. MarielovesMJ

    Sick NYPost article..take action now! **WARNING - very nasty, graphic article**

    I reserched "andrea paysers" her previous articles and I found out that she has supreme hatred for Michael for a long time. Heck I traced articles back to 2003 (although I think there are more before then) where she has wrote hateful shit about Michael before the court case, doing the court...
  13. MarielovesMJ

    Site MJ News Online

    nope, I may be a new fan and hardly know anything, but I really do not think they are related. The haters just took the sites name and those people's name. And they are using that site to push hatered. The fan site is a .com, this hateful piece of shit is a .net .
  14. MarielovesMJ

    Site MJ News Online

    That is some sick stuff. :(
  15. MarielovesMJ

    Awful tv program just aired here on Michael... Please take action!

    This is'nt a new program if I can recall correctly. I think this program aired in 2007.
  16. MarielovesMJ

    MJ's Birthday & Google

    This is also the 5th aniversery of hurricane Katrina which happened on the same day as mike's birthday too.
  17. MarielovesMJ

    I'm 12 years old and what is this?

    Typical 4chan. :smilerolleyes: That vid was funny tho.
  18. MarielovesMJ

    The Jackson 5 Thread

    Dang:bugeyed I did not realize how huge the process was to release the Jacksons Show stuff. I knew it would be copyright hell to get someone to improve the images do this but I did not know that it was that much. And does'nt rankin-bass own some stuff from the Jackson 5 cartoons (the...
  19. MarielovesMJ

    Hey, I just want to say that I like the way you keep it real and respectful. I at least like...

    Hey, I just want to say that I like the way you keep it real and respectful. I at least like the music section here instead of the KOPD one where there's an 807 page thread in the section concentrating on LMP (hardly any post about her music at all. And I am so not into her music). I am mad...
  20. MarielovesMJ


    I miss her, I can't believe it's been 9 years. :(