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  1. J5 Live at The Forum

    I LOVE this album. It's a close second, as far as live recordings of Michael, for me, to the Jacksons Live album. I especially enjoy the introduction to the concert, it sets the stage and really pushes the point home about how MONUMENTAL the Jackson 5 really were at their peak. To the point of...
  2. Most visually stunning MJ short film?

    Smooth Criminal!
  3. Was mj a sad person

    I think he was sad- according to his own admission.... it makes me so sad to know that someone who has brought so much incredible joy to MY life, couldn't really ever find his own
  4. The Michael Jackson Fan Tag

    Re: The Michael Jackson fan tag I LOVEEEE this! 1- When did you become a MJ fan? I grew up listening to Michael's music in my household. As a child, I remember a Billie Jean poster being on the back of my door. When I would wake up from nightmares or have anything troubling me, I always...
  5. The Jacksons announce 50th anniversary Canada and UK tour - [UPDATED] Tour dates post #14

    Re: The Jacksons announce 50th anniversary UK concert I wish I could be at both of these shows SOOOO badly!
  6. Capturing Michael! Harrison Funk has an amazing story to tell. Today on abc7

    i love all of these pics, especially the one with bubbles and diana ross- great finds!
  7. Cascio Tracks - Are the Songs Fake?

    those songs are fake, fake FAKE!
  8. Impersonators

    First of all, I've met Michael Trapson and he's a cool dude. Really sweet and down to earth. And yeah... he's a bigger fan than most people would guess. Why else would he or any other tribute artist devote the time to doing what they do? I really think they are misunderstood. Oh, and since it's...
  9. Neverland visit?

    Even being outside of the gates, I've heard, you can feel Michael's energy. Although Michael once loved it... it's somewhat tainted for me now :( I'm not sure if I would want to go inside. Now Hayvehurst...? That's another story...
  10. Ghosts film sad moment :(

    I agree, it is a sad moment. I haven't watched Ghosts in its entirety in years (its probably one of my least favorite videos) but, it does pull at my heart strings :yes:
  11. Will we ever have an artist as big as MJ ever again?

    Absolutely not. That kind of phenomenon only happens once in a lifetime.
  12. Thriller, BAD, or Dangerous?

    For me it always has been, and always will be DANGEROUS. But, I guess Thriller comes in at a close second? Two of my favorite songs are on Thriller (Human Nature and Baby Be Mine) BUT, Dangerous is my favorite album as a whole.
  13. Joseph Fiennes To Play MJ In 9/11 Programme

    I was so disgusted when I first saw this .... still am. But I guess now I, like Soledad OBrien am just sad that in someone's sick and twisted mind... that is WHO they imagine Michael Jackson is
  14. Impersonators

    I'll always stan for Who's Bad! Good dudes and they have an AWESOME show- trust me!
  15. Favorite Teddy Riley produced song from Dangerous

    Sorry voted twice! Went for Remember the Time and Cant Let Her Get Away... Wish I could vote for three as, She Drives Me Wild was the inspiration for my user name haha
  16. are u still crying when u listen to mj's songs ?

    Hey you know what? I totally relate! Especially since I got these new Bose headphones. You can really hear the performer emoting and for someone like Michael who I have that emotional connection to? Even MORE so. I teared up listening to "Earth Song" on the train home today :yes:
  17. Cirque du Soleil 'Michael Jackson ONE' permanent Las Vegas show

    I am thinking of going to see this again but not sure if i want to pay the money again... *sigh*
  18. Shana Mangatal is publishing a book on Michael's Birthday 2016

    I did a review of this book on my blog. It was more like reading a story of unrequited love more than an actual romance... To be truthful I was expecting something more juicy... but it was an interesting and quick...
  19. Personal MJ Collection and Official Memorabilia Discussion

    Re: Your MJ Collection and Official Memorabilia discussion thread What's on the back of the shirt that says When in doubt...? And also i LOVE that black or white close up shirt, where'd you get it? :wub: