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  1. Change My Username Thread

    Re: Official MJJC Change My Name Thread (Only Once is allowed) Can I have mine changed to "kottur13"? please?
  2. What Is Your Favorite Song In The World?

    Will You Be There
  3. Sega Launches Odd Urine Controlled Video Game

    You mean, those violent games which are rated 15 or 18 and not available to children? Parents can buy the games for them, but that's either a case of bad parenting, or they actually are aware of the content of the game at hand and feel their child is mature enough to handle it. I've been...
  4. Man With The Golden Voice

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  5. Anyone else have dating problems or get involved too quickly?

    Yes I have a problem, and that is the fact that I'm not in a position to meet girls in the first place...unless we're talking about bumping into random girls on the street, which is not a viable option.
  6. Video Game Fans Chat

    I've owned: Gameboy Classic Game Colour Gameboy Advance Nintendo DS PSP Playstation 1 Playstation 2 Playstation 3 Gamecube Xbox Xbox 360 Now I play all my games on the best platform...PC. [i5 750 quad-core overclocked @ 3.2 GHz 4GB DDR3 1333 MHz RAM NVIDIA GTX 460 Cyclone 1GB] Right now I'm...
  7. Are we MJ female fans the only ones who consider Michael physically attractive?

    I'm a (straight :fear:) guy and I can see how he is considered physically attractive...particularly in the Dangerous era. He didn't do himself many favours in the 2000s with some of the hair styles and clothing, though...jheri curls suited him the best.
  8. i really want to hear the michael & will i am song

    Neither were the Cascio's... :fear:
  9. Cascio track are really Michael, believe or not. I'm going to prove it. (Some explanation here.)

    Someone is pitching up the voice and making it sound even less like's neither of those things.
  10. Analysis of Keep Your Head Up And Breaking Dawn!

    But it's not very tasty...I don't like eating dead wood.
  11. Analysis of Keep Your Head Up And Breaking Dawn!

    Yeeees, but if some of us use this logic to say that we don't hear Michael Jackson, it's apparently not enough and we need "proof"...which is what we *could* have right here.
  12. 7 more unreleased Michael Jackson-Songs leaked soon??? ("Carry on" remains)

    I haven't even heard the snippet though...I'd appreciate it if someone could PM me a link. ;D
  13. Have your opinions changed? (Cascio Tracks)

    I agree.
  14. MICHAEL Album Now Streaming On MJ's Official Facebook Page & Website

    Re: Michael Album premiere on facebook Why...? It would be so easy for someone to rip the video, convert it to .mp3 and split them up into individual songs.
  15. A theory: Michael himself bought in a vocal double on the Cascio songs.

    The media will always find a reason to hate on MJ...doesn't matter where he's positioned in the charts. Dangerous is often dismissed and some aren't even aware of its existence despite it being in the top 20 selling albums of all time.
  16. Do you think the new album will grow more on you as time goes by?

    I already like it a lot...but it could have been so much better if they simply replaced the Cascio tracks, they're not up to snuff. They have loads of material to choose from including OTL, DYKWYCA, Blue Gangster, STTR, etc...