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  1. Controversial MJ Documentary Leaving Neverland [GENERAL DISCUSSION THREAD]

    Re: Sundance Festival 2019 - Controversial MJ Documentary "Leaving Neverland" Anything Anything Anything for Money. It's so sad....
  2. MJ video legacy

    I just can't stop loving you starring with Siedah Garrett :heart:
  3. Least Listened to Song on Each Album

    This is so interesting! Your the least listened song is my the most listened song. :laughing:
  4. Least Listened to Song on Each Album

    OTW - Burn This Disco Out Thriller - The Lady in my Life Bad - Just Good Friends Dangerous - Why You Wanna Trip On Me HIStory - Little Susie BOTDF - All The Remixes Invincible - 2000 Watts
  5. MEGA COOL: The most realistric 3D model Michael Jackson head + download

    AWWWWW:love: I would like to see this in BAD Era:heart:
  6. Your Favorite MJ "Noise" ? Chamonah!!

    Re: your favorite MJ "noise" ? chamonah!! HAHAHA:lmao: Love this poll! made my day:rofl:
  7. What does Michael say during Bad Tour 'Rock With You'?

    I've always wondered the same! I guess it is "Party"? This performance tho :love:
  8. Which Songs Should Have Had Their Own Short Film?

    Re: Which songs should have had its own short film? Break of Dawn - not too sexy like "You are not alone" but would like to see Mike is longing for someone badly :blush:
  9. Quincy Jones' New Interview

    Re: Quincy Jones new interview My thoughts are with Michael.... Why so many snakes around him:(
  10. Trip to Neverland: Santa Barbara Helicopter Tours CLOSED?

    Hope I can visit/fly over Neverland Ranch someday! Good luck(y)
  11. The best "album song"?

    Man in the mirror on Bad album!
  12. your fav song of Michael written by himself alone?

    My fav "Will you be there" came first runner up as of today :rollin:
  13. What did Michael smell like/what perfume or cologne did he wear?

    He smells nice with or without any perfumes :love:
  14. Zac Efron discusses phone call with MJ

    I enjoy watching this a lot! This shows Michael's gentle personality. I am crying too!
  15. What is your favourite album outtake that has been officially released?

    For all time:blush: I would love to see this song's short film!
  16. Have you seen this - THIS IS IT photo, but what song?

    Oh, Silly me! It was on MJJ Community's Twitter! I just saw it :blush:
  17. Have you seen this - THIS IS IT photo, but what song?

    I have never seen this before. Where did you find this photo?
  18. What song can't you listen to

    Earth Song. Don't get me wrong, I love this song but this song has so many negative episodes such as 1996 Brit awards, an accident of bridge fall, a crazy fan jumping on him during concert. But my primary reason is that they said this was the last song Mike ever performed on the stage... :cry...
  19. Most beautiful ballad on Invincible

    Butterflies got my vote. I set this song as my wake-up alarm. I wake up with MJ's whispering "Butterflies" every mornings :love:
  20. [Discussion] Sexual Abuse Claims Against MJ Estate - Robson/ Safechuck/ Doe

    Re: [Discussion] Sexual abuse claims against MJ Estate (Robson/ Safechuck/ Doe) WooHoo! Happy holidays everyone! :punk: