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  1. Rodney Darkchild Jerkins Vlog _ Can Michael Jackson Make a Comeback?

    Everyone forget Michael Jackson is 50 years right now I don't think he'll ever hit the road again ; you can't compare him with Madonna because Madonna didn't wait almost 8 years to release an album . And even Madonna is just selling because of her fans ; she has such a huge fanbase she can do...
  2. MJJC Member Pictures !

    Some new pics of me made this as promotion for my upcoming debut album
  3. MJJC Member Pictures !

    a new one of me
  4. MJJC Member Pictures !

    new one
  5. Will.I.Am said Mike Wanted Autotune!!

    I think ya'll don't understand you got different types of Auto Tune The type that T-Pain , 50 , Kanye & Chris Brown are using is one of the most obvious effects MJ used auto tune in Jam to put more drama in his voice if you listen very good you'll notice it And if you want an obvious example...
  6. MJJC Member Pictures !

    Some new ones of me
  7. The MOST underrated songs of M.J. ( Your opinion COUNTS ! )

    Which is or are the most underrated songs of Michael Jackson in your opinion ? And which song do you think deserved a videoclip but never had one ? These are mine : Most underrated songs - Morphine ( Especially the interlude ) - Liberian Girl - I can't help it - Fall Again - She Drives...
  8. One Word Names for Michael's Next Album

    Michael Jackson - Dark MJ should pick this one , that's a title with potential because it got something strong about it Instead of the Dark Tour , the Dark Shows that would be in the big gigs u know . Dark would be making records if MJ just not released the Hold My Hand and took me as his...
  9. Cheated !?!

    I also mean in a relationship you know all kinds of cheating I'm very interested in stories about cheating . Everyone knows the moment when they get the feeling of being cheated even if you don't have proof the feeling still is there giving you a sign And about MJ I still don't get MJ didn't...
  10. Cheated !?!

    Hi , I always wondered why people cheated on M.J. At the end of the day he's one of a kind that cares about this world & about children this much Have you ever been cheated on( by someone who you really care about or love ) There's always a first person that mess with your trust that makes...
  11. NEW SONG - Akon feat. Michael Jackson "Hold my hand" [updates in post #1]

    Do you believe yourself ? Michael Jackson who called endless of people to work with did Akon a favor to make a cheap song like Hold My Hand ? Please
  12. NEW SONG - Akon feat. Michael Jackson "Hold my hand" [updates in post #1]

    Yes he've done wonderful things etc... He's a genius but some people are saying he's a God . Michael is talented & gifted in singing and dancing but most of the people overrate him . It's the team around him that made him also a big superstar . I'm also an artist I'm upcoming & you know what...
  13. NEW SONG - Akon feat. Michael Jackson "Hold my hand" [updates in post #1]

    Stop defending MJ I'm not a hater I'm also a fan of what he made but you have to know the facts don't go and call it something that it isn't MJ sampled that's what it is he's a genius there is nothing wrong with sampling but he did it . MJ is sued for You are not alone did you heard about...
  14. NEW SONG - Akon feat. Michael Jackson "Hold my hand" [updates in post #1]

    You really don't know what sampling is Coolio sampled Stevie Wonder's Past Time Paradise . He changed the stringers and the drums . MJ changed it also but it's still sampling it's not using the original that's covering
  15. NEW SONG - Akon feat. Michael Jackson "Hold my hand" [updates in post #1]

    Okay how would you call the fact Michael used Mama Coo Sa for Wanna Be Starting Something ? That's sampling.
  16. NEW SONG - Akon feat. Michael Jackson "Hold my hand" [updates in post #1]

    SEGA hired Michael Jackson to compose the music for Sonic 3. When news broke out of a scandal involving Jackson and allegations of child molestation, Sega dropped the deal, although his song writing team still composed the soundtrack (and appear in the credits). & MJ sampled the Mama Se Mama...
  17. NEW SONG - Akon feat. Michael Jackson "Hold my hand" [updates in post #1]

    Listen up , I didn't say Darkchild is BETTER then Timbaland but you know if MJ would work with Timbaland there will be a lot of people lose their respect for MJ because Timbo is the definition of commercial he had the cool music back in the 90's . Timbo asked some rockgroups for a collabo and...
  18. NEW SONG - Akon feat. Michael Jackson "Hold my hand" [updates in post #1]

    I'm not dissing Timbaland I'm telling the facts , he claims he's the king of beats & music ; if I hear the name Timbaland the first thing that comes in my mind is thief & worthless arrogance. If you don't believe me here are the lyrics from his song Kill Yourself It's Life Or Death, Either...
  19. Do you think anyone can be bigger then Michael Jackson is / was ?

    That's right ! There is a BUNCH of talent but the industry is messed up right now Everyone is downloading the Majors like Sony don't wanna spend too much money anymore ; artist will have to do everything by themselve to get there and if you mix this together you get the commercial result called...