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  1. Is there such a thing as a bad MJ song, album or performance?

    That's a good point. I guess the Michael album is fine nowadays without the fakes. The whole project is still tainted for me though even as I individually love the remaining seven tracks. Just seeing the album cover makes my blood boil. Too many bad memories.
  2. Is there such a thing as a bad MJ song, album or performance?

    The only MJ track I really don't care for has to be Shout. As far as I remember it was released on the Cry single, but it's not really a song that is known outside the fantom. As for his main album tracks, Privacy is my least favourite. Lyrically it's trying too hard to be edgy and the chorus...
  3. Swap out one track on each album for an outtake from that album's sessions

    OTW Girlfriend --> Sunset Driver Thriller The Girl Is Mine --> Hot Street Bad Just Good Friends --> Chicago 1945 Dangerous She Drives Me Wild --> If You Don't Love Me HIStory Come Together --> On The Line Invincible Privacy --> Hollywood Tonight
  4. Least Listened to Song on Each Album

    OTW: Girlfriend Thriller: Baby Be Mine Bad: Just Good Friends Dangerous: Can't Let Her Get Away History: Little Susie BOTDF: All the remixes with the exception of the ones for Scream and History Invincible: You Are My Life
  5. Whats YOUR Top 5 MICHAEL JACKSON songs?

    1. Billie Jean 2. Who Is It 3. Man In The Mirror 4. Jam 5. They Don't Care About Us
  6. Rank MJ's Albums in Preferential Order [MERGED]

    Re: Rank MJ's Albums in Preferential Order 1 - HIStory 2 - Dangerous 3 - Bad 4 - Thriller 5 - Off The Wall 6 - Invincible 7 - Blood On The Dance Floor
  7. Which tracks on Xscape would you have originally wanted on Invincible?

    1 Unbreakable 2 Chicago 3 Hollywood Tonight (not on Xscape, but I simply cannot leave it out) 4 Break Of Dawn 5 You Rock My World 6 Whatever Happens 7 Threatned 8 Butterflies 9 Speechless 10 Do You Know Where Your Children Are 11 Xscape 12 A Place With No Name 13 Cry 14 Slave To The...
  8. Xscape + Michael

    Great thread! 1 Xscape 2 Blue Gangsta 3 Hollywood Tonight 4 Best Of Joy 5 Do You Know Where Your Children Are 6 Behind The Mask 7 Hold My Hand 8 Another Day 9 Chicago 10 A Place With No Name 11 Loving You 12 Love Never Felt So Good 13 Slave To The Rhythm 14 Much Too Soon
  9. Xscape General Discussion

    Re: News and discussion about new MJ album : Xscape, May 13, 2014. iTunes Norway: MJ ft. JT: #26 MJ Solo: #59
  10. Xscape General Discussion

    Re: News and discussion about new MJ album : Xscape, May 13, 2014. Love both versions! I'm seriously struggling to decide which one I like the most. Production-wise, they're both top notch. They're both that good! :D
  11. Xscape General Discussion

    Wowhd is having a sale today, with a 15 % discount if you buy 3 items or more. Since their prices is allready quite cheap, it's possible to get a really good deal. My order: Michael Jackson - Xscape (Deluxe Edition) CD £9.99 Multibuy Discount for online order -£2.55 Mission Impossible...
  12. Are we setting ourselves up for disappointment?

    The Vision and Immortal releases were in my opinion decent attempts by the estate, and allthouh it's not the most well-used items in my colletion, I to appreciate them for what they are. Bad 25 was amazing, though. A spectacular concert we've been dying to see for years, finally a live CD, and...
  13. MJJC Member Pictures !

    This one's a few months old, as you might judge by the surroundings :P
  14. Michael - The Great Album Debate

    I'm in no way saying I've heard any of these recent leaks. But if I did, I'd say the songs comes off like a soulless and bland mix between terrible rip-offs of Michael's earlier work and a below average 90's boyband, and that the vocalist sounds like a bad impersonator with a sore throat...
  15. Your most-intense-goosebumps-Michael moment?

    I guess mine have to be seeing the newspapers the day after the TII press conference. One of them had this picture on the front page: If I recall correctly, the headline stated "The King Is Back".
  16. Your dreamed, all time best MJ concert setlist!

    1. Jam 2. They Don't Care About Us / In The Closet 3. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' 4. Off The Wall 5. Heartbreak Hotel 5. Speechless 6. Smooth Criminal 7. J5 Medley (I Want You Back / The Love You Save / I'll Be There) 8. Rock With You 9. Billie Jean 10. Beat It 11. Thriller 12. Who Is It 13. I...
  17. Producers/Tracks You Would Like to See on the 2013 Studio Album

    I think several of the people included in the poll might do well on a future release. However, I hope that Teddy Riley will stay as far away as possible. His involvement in the god-awful Monster and Breaking News, as well as the total butchering of Hollywood Tonight disqualifies him IMO for...
  18. Michael - The Great Album Debate

    Today, I started to put together my own version of Bad 25 CD 2 like I did with the Michael album, removing the remixes and adding songs like Cheater and Get It. Then I remembered why I made my own version of Michael in the first place. That album was terrible. Bad 25 on the other hand...
  19. The "stick it out" thread

    So far, I've bought and listened to the IJCSLU single with DBM, heard the remixes and watched APOM and Human Nature. That's it. Hope I'll manage to contain myself until the release date!
  20. Would You Rather: Yokohama in Perfect Quality or Wembley in Decent Quality?

    Both please! :D But if I'd have to choose, there has to be Wembley. No doubt about it.