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  1. MJJ Documentary: From the Fans

    It'll be ten hours to cover all lies.
  2. Merry Christmas MJJCFam

    Mewwy qwishmashhhhh
  3. Michael Jackson Scream - The Album

    I scream, you scream. We all did not want "Scream"
  4. Did lack of B-sides hinder MJ's charts success?

    B-sides would have added to the success. Fans would have purchased those singles for those extra tracks that couldn't be found elsewhere. Artists like The Smiths and Suede didn't just throw their bad cast offs onto their singles as B-Sides, they intended to put album quality material on them. In...
  5. Miscellaneous Michael J. Jackson - MMJJ

    From British soap Coronation Street from 1989 (aired as part of "Classic Coronation Street" a few weeks ago). Character Nicky Tilsley wearing an MJ t-shirt.
  6. Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Available to Buy on Amazon Prime

    This is why physcial media or file that you can download and own are king.
  7. Sam Smith: "I don't like Michael Jackson"

    I don't like him or his whiny strained voice... well overrated. We can all have an opinion.
  8. Historical: Official Estate Statement About the Vault

    Re: Official Estate Statement about the Vault So bottom line, commercial succes is really the deciding factor.
  9. Ultimate Collection Content

    Strange box with no clear purpose content-wise indeed
  10. Judge Dismisses Wade Robson's 2016 Molestation Lawsuit Against Michael Jackson

    Hopefully a message to all on the money grabbing band-wagon. The ATM is shut for good.
  11. New material on the way??

    Not enough high quality tracks for an album? oh well, there's allways the EP route. What I don't want to see is 5 more greatest hits each containing 1 unreleased track.
  12. New Thriller socks released by Stance

    That's cool. I'd never wear them though. Wouldn't want them to wear.
  13. Asia’s richest man dances to Michael Jackson in front of 40,000 people

    But he didn't dance and that outfit is not complete.
  14. Michael Jackson Scream - The Album

    Re: #MJScream - Coming 29th September. It's gonna take a real good deluxe edution to make me buy this, sorry.
  15. Ebay sale:35mm Michael Jackson's "THIS IS IT" Rehearsal Film and UNRELEASED Songs (,Bruce Sweiden)

    Re: Ebay sale:35mm Michael Jackson's "THIS IS IT" Rehearsal Film and UNRELEASED Songs (,Bruce Sweide Yes I was thinking the same. The seller is a big fan. They know their MJ, why all the censorship / withholding info about the content.