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  1. [Spoiler] Documentary On Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ From Jackson Estate And Sony Music Entertainment

    Seems the intent was to rain on everyone’s parade. We’d have gotten all of this when it was released. At least we’d have had a moment to fantasize about it being better. Now we have to spend this time annoyed. Thanks.
  2. The Estate Promotes a 40th Anniversary Re-Release of THE JACKSONS LIVE

    Maybe when it was registered they said it that it was edited on video and not necessarily filmed on video. I have seen that before. Wasn’t there shots of the Triumph Tour on the From Motown to Off The Wall Blu Ray? That looked like film to me? 🤔 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Michael Jackson’s Ghosts coming to YouTube this Halloween!

    Good point. And Michael always called his videos short films. Not just to call it that but because they should be able to conceptually be shown on the theaters. So I’d say the intended format would have been HD wide screen but there were only released in 4:3 because was the broadcast...
  4. The MJ Estate Has Updated the FAQ Page on the Official Website

    Happy i 100% agree with you. I don’t wanna wait until my elderly years before i can see things we’ve already been waiting 30+ years to see. Yes, Michael probably wouldn’t have released these things, but the same is true for Prince. Prince’s estate understands how long fans have been waiting...
  5. The "Leaving Neverland" Rant & Support Thread [Merged]

    Re: The "Leaving Neverland" Rant & Support Thread I hear both airings flopped and the Oprah interview did as well! Oprah will soon see her antic were worth it and i hope the backlash hits are on every level. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Controversial MJ Documentary Leaving Neverland [GENERAL DISCUSSION THREAD]

    Re: Sundance Festival 2019 - Controversial MJ Documentary "Leaving Neverland" I'm glad Brett is suing their asses. I just wish he'd have waited until after they broadcast the movie. Then he'd have even more grounds to sue their asses. Now they can possibly go back and edit anything about him out.
  7. The "Leaving Neverland" Rant & Support Thread [Merged]

    I’m falling into a deep depression thinking about this documentary and frustrated to know someone could so callously make up stories like this and the public so easily believes them. The 2005 trial was emotionally daunting, and now i feel like I’m reliving the whole thing. Of course it is...
  8. Brunei BetCam Masters are up for Auction

    i'm not sure if anyone planned to purchases these tapes but just in case, here a link to the auction. Starting bid is $10,000 (OMG) lol
  9. Thriller 3D Update

    So, no announcement about releasing the video and documentary on Blu-Ray and digital in time for Halloween🎃? That just seems so crazy.
  10. Does the estate even have Smooth Criminal master tape?

    When did he say this and in what context? Thanks!
  11. Thriller 3D Update

    If they want people to go to the theater to see the 3D version, now would not be the time to announce that it will be released on Blu Ray. I’m sure they will release the video and making of on Blu Ray and possibly 3D. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Interview with Macaulay Culkin (new)

    I love hearing these stories. I miss him so much. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. The Queen of Pop is?

    People who post thread like this are haters on the highest caliber. They don’t post it for no other reason than to bash Janet Jackson. You can convince yourself otherwise. I’m gonna start of topic asking who is the king of pop just to see if there are any other opinions. No really that’s all...
  14. Janet's career

    I’m gonna leave this thread before I explode on someone. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Michael Jackson’s Thriller 3D

    Re: John Landis - Top Secret Thriller Project!!!! Coming 2017 Do y'all think it would be release on Blu-Ray for the Halloween holiday? I am sure they go the film negatives for this Making of Documentary. I've been hoping for a HD version.
  16. Michael Jackson’s Thriller 3D

    Re: John Landis - Top Secret Thriller Project!!!! Coming 2017 OK! lol. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond. I appreciate it!
  17. Michael Jackson’s Thriller 3D

    Re: John Landis - Top Secret Thriller Project!!!! Coming 2017 For the life of me I cannot figure out what BTS stands for. Anyone know?
  18. Michael Jackson’s Halloween - New animated special coming this fall

    Wow... what a let down. As others have said I'm getting less and thrilled by any releases made by the estate because they never get it even moderately right. If they should be listening to anyone it should michaels base of fans. Hopefully we will get something good before we're all too...
  19. The Estate "has numerous projects in development."

    I've been following Prince's work and they just today release his Purple Rain tour on DVD. Well his fans have similar wants, wishes and concerns about his unreleased concerts. Well I came across something that was very interesting. Prince hired film director to capture on 35mm film one of his...
  20. Spike Lee announces Off The Wall Documentary - Estate Announcement Page 66

    I haven't seen the tv HD version of the promo, but do you all think it's film footage or standard definition sourced video? Thanks!