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  1. Hot topic Brad Sundberg Seminars: Making Music With Michael Jackson

    Still can’t believe the Estate had songs like Chicago 1945 , Dream Away and they go and release THOSE other songs on the MICHAEL album !!!! I feel bad for Brad and the situation. Do I feel bad after hearing these new songs? Not after what they did with the MICHAEL album.
  2. Michael's best spins?

    Michael's best spins I think were from The Jacksons era. They were so full of energy, so fluid and smooth and Michael would be constantly doing them! he would even spin in the opposite direction reversing his feet, if you've seen him do it you'll know what I mean. It's funny I used to think...
  3. Michael's Vocals?

    Was Dirty Diana actually performed in This Is It? I can't remember? If so then we neeed to see it - why not?
  4. Moonwalker's Smooth Criminal

    Oh wow so it was filmed before the Bad tour '87 - what about the rest of Moonwalker? Because Michael looks older as in looks like Michael from the 1988 leg of the Bad tour in the Speed Demon segment and Come Together?
  5. Moonwalker's Smooth Criminal

    So when was the Smooth Criminal video recorded? Some time in 1987?
  6. Michael's Vocals?

    1987 was the sweet spot. Flawless vocals a cross between Thriller and Bad.
  7. Michael editing?

    How much was Michael involved in the actual editing and cutting of his videos / performances? He said in interviews that he edits everything he does - certain shots, angles etc... So would he actually do this himself or have someone do it, with his direction? Remember in The making of Thriller...
  8. It's just hit me that Michael....

    Would be 60 next year!!! Where's that time gone.
  9. Thriller is on its way to having 400M views on YouTube, a modern music streaming platform.

    It's unbelievable how NO one asked these simple questions to Michael himself about his art - all those interviews over the years and yet NO one asked about his art on why or how he came up with certain songs.
  10. Is It Scary vs Ghosts

    Thanks nice one. Also not just same lyrics but with same melody?
  11. Is It Scary vs Ghosts

    I can't decide if I had to choose which of these songs is better. What is the origin of these song? are they connected in any way? Were they once the same song? I'm assuming Ghosts was written during the Dangerous era? Was Is It Scary written around the same time? And is MJ the first artist...
  12. Is Invincible (the album) Michael's best in studio vocal performance ever?

    Basically Michael is the greatest singer ever!!!!
  13. 9/11

    So Michael wouldn't of been able to actually see the twin towers with his own eyes if he had to turn on the TV to see what was going on?
  14. 9/11

    Was Michael in New York the morning of 9/11?
  15. Rethinking Invincible

    So ....... Unbreakable, Heartbreaker, Invincible, Butterflies, Heaven Can Wait, You Are My Life, 2000 Watts, Don't walk Away, Cry, Whatever Happens, Threatened were all written and recorded in 3 months?? Blimey.
  16. Post-Invincible Songs?

    Hollywood Tonight demo? 2008 vocals or from the Invincible sessions? As in the demo Michael sounds a bit like he does in WBSS-2008?
  17. Post-Invincible Songs?

    2008 vocals? or a bit of both from Invincible sessions / 2008
  18. Post-Invincible Songs?

    Hollywood Tonight demo - So these are 2008 vocals?
  19. Post-Invincible Songs?

    Really!? I first thought it was from Invincible era. Just shows now with all these demos, re-records, acapella /multitracks etc how Michael's voice really didn't change that much at all...!!!!