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  1. Analaysing the pictures and video footage which was used in Leaving Neverland

    Oh you`ll gonna love this one! :) That guy is a gesture analysist
  2. Michael Jackson - Live In Bucharest (The Dangerous Tour)

    Was awwwwsome ...I have the video! :clap:
  3. Dangerous Tour In Israel (Rare Photos)

    Is it only me ...but I don`t see any pic :(
  4. Your Favorite song from "Invincible" Album?

    *Heaven can wait* is pretty special
  5. Your Favorite song from "Invincible" Album?

    Those are my favorites as well ! :)
  6. What is Your Race/Ethnicity?

    I`m Caucasian
  7. Puppy mills-close all of them please

    That was one horrible one in New Hampshire
  8. This is what Michael and LMP child would have looked like

    I don`t see any pics ... weird !
  9. Controversial MJ Documentary Leaving Neverland [GENERAL DISCUSSION THREAD]

    HBO....I watch nothing and won`t watch what have to do with HBO We all know Mike was innocent. They just wanted his money and to ruin his life = jealousy
  10. To Catlovers

    I am a cat lover I do rescue them!
  11. Do white people get Vitiligo?

    Yes. I know someone with red hair (man) he gets it the most on his hands
  12. How Old Are You and How Long Have You Been an MJ Fan?

    I always loved Mike and his performances. Great man!
  13. Celebrities Supporting Michael

    McCaulay Culkin always was his friend and always will be a supportive one !!!
  14. Oprah Winfrey Network on Twitter ! Please leave comments ( facts and exposition ) .

    I always knew Mike was innocent. Not much people did understand his way. He had such a beautiful soul. He gave so much of his time and money to help children I always loved that man and his way.