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  1. Hi, im a little newbie!

    yes, i am from south east england, the place where all the snow hit. x
  2. Hi, im a little newbie!

    thanks so much, im posting as much as i can, although i cant be on here much, cause of school. :|
  3. Hi, im a little newbie!

    thanks for the welcomes, i feel like ive settled in well here :)
  4. Big brother

    OMG, yeas big brother is great!!! Ivana Trump is in it now!
  5. Name That Michael Jackson Song A-Z

    For K - Keep The Faith
  6. Post a random smiley

    ;) *will try harder next time*
  7. What Are You Listening To?

    Re: What are you listening to.. Florence+The Machine-You've Got The Love
  8. This or That

    Tatiana MJ Videos or MJ Live?
  9. The Last Person to Post in This Thread Wins

    Re: The last person to post here wins! *takes a bow and goes for some soup*
  10. Have you ever...?

    Yes I have i want to everyday! :| Have you ever dropped food on the floor then eaten it again? :)
  11. What was the last thing someone said to you?

    *cant remember*
  12. Let's Count!

    Re: How High Can we Count? 12,107
  13. ***** Make A Wish *****

    I wish I had some mashed patatoes right now im really hungry and theyre my favorite. ;)
  14. The MJ video battle game...

    Billie Jean vs Street Walker ?
  15. What's The Time?

    (WhereIAm)England-Kent-Bromley-Hayes: 17:27
  16. Rate the Avatar above you!

    10/10 amazing and i must say that i LOVE that picture. :)
  17. The Epic Thread of Random-ness [MERGED]

    Re: Random Thoughts Urmm...SOUP! I thik thats random enough. ;)
  18. MJ's most under rated songs ?

    Speechless, its my favorite MJ song!
  19. Hi, im a little newbie!

    Thaks for the warm welcoming everyone! I think im going to try and get my username changed though. Probably 'tinkerbell95' or along those lines. :)
  20. dont mean to bother you but could i possibly change my username 'tinkerbell95'

    dont mean to bother you but could i possibly change my username 'tinkerbell95'