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  1. Who is Severine Urbain?

    I tottally agree with you ^^ Thank you
  2. Name That Michael Jackson Song A-Z

    Give In To Me
  3. Who is Severine Urbain? I randomly found it.. and then I tried to see what she claims about him... But I just can't find her.. Is it a wrong name??
  4. Your Most Desired MJ Concert Releases

    :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:Dangerous Tour São Paulo Morumbi 93 :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  5. HIStory of this pic

    And this one? When was it? (I'm particularly curious about this one because it seems the media just doesn't put the better photos :puke: and I'm 99,99...9% sure there is a better pic of that night that no one shares,or worst, no one knows)
  6. HIStory of this pic

    Thank youuuu!!:* That's why was sooo hard to find it again!
  7. HIStory of this pic

    Heyy guys!! I would love to start thread where we can put the HIStory behind the pics, a way of knowing more about him :wub: But before we start, I reeeally nead help with this one!!
  8. Song Of The Week - Liberian Girl

    Thank youu! Which language is that? :read: lol :)
  9. Have you ever...?

    Yes :/ Have you ever dreamed with MJ? :girl_sigh:
  10. Encontro de fãs

    :clap::clap: Em São Paulo, Zona Leste. E vc?‽ Vamos Sim!! Muita paz para vc tbm :)
  11. Song Of The Week - Liberian Girl

    What does the girl say in the beguining? I always say sth stupic cause I really don't know :lol:
  12. What are you? (Respectful answers only)

    It's clear that we have different opinions, which is completely normal and healthy, and if I state, for exemple, sth related to the first paragraph, you will not agree with me, which, again, it's fine, and we are going to stay here forever. And that's not my objective. When I was writing this...
  13. What are you? (Respectful answers only)

    I don't have any party here too :)
  14. What are you? (Respectful answers only)

    For example, my country today is, briefly: -“Biggest”Left(PcorruptsonofafukingbitchT Party)= current guidelines: landless movement and land reform, bandits are the victms of the society, lgbt, feminism, big State... - “Biggest” not anymore, thanks to Jesus "Right"(PSDB)=...
  15. Why Has He Never Acquired Parental Advisory Stickers?

    Yes, absolutely. That's why I love him, he is so good that he doesn't even need to appeal :lol::lol: ... Even though he was a little bit handsome, and has some songs that I like, others, just the melody lol, I can't afford John Lennon :whisperinginear: lol Oh.. I didn't know that. Thank you...
  16. Do You Like Morphine?

    I can't hear it entirely. It makes me sad.
  17. The Person Below Me....

    Re: The person below me.... What is TPBM? So so. I prefer beef :yes: Does my bellow friend like Justin Bieber?
  18. Why Has He Never Acquired Parental Advisory Stickers?

    Hhahaha maybe hahahaha I love her, she's so cool :D