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  1. What's Your Favorite word to Hate?

    Nibbles Finger food Sarnies/Sammies (aka Sandwiches) Moist Damp Flap
  2. The aesthetics of MJ’s albums

    Definitely coming back to read all of those essays! They looks really interesting. That YANA image is exactly it!
  3. Michael references in songs [MERGED]

    Ain't That Funny by J.Lo and Ja Rule had a line in it, something like: "...Off The Wall, Like MJ in his early days" Not necessarily lyrics, but Rihanna samples the "Ma Ma Se, Ma Ma Sa, Ma Ma Coo Sa" chant from WBSS in "Don't Stop The Music". And you can actually hear Mike going "he he heee"...
  4. In The Closet- Dangerous Tour

    Oh my god I forgot RTT! That would actually be my main preference. I just think the sets and the costumes would have been great and it would have become a focal song like SC or Thriller. I always feel like we got short changed at the Soul Train Awards.
  5. The aesthetics of MJ’s albums

    Good topic! I love OTW, Thriller and Bad - all just for their simplicity but I think all are so iconic (especially Thriller). I definitely like some of the later ones too, but the first 3 are just so typical in terms of an Album cover I feel. You can see them and you instantly know what they...
  6. Earth, Wind & Fire

    I have just become super into EWS and listening to a lot of their songs - a lot I didn't know, but there were quite a few I just never realised they sang. 'September' is one of my fave songs and my and my fiance have just picked it to play at our wedding (after the ceremony for when we walk...
  7. Song Of The Week - Get On The Floor

    My fave song from OTW. It has such a 70s disco feel but is so fun to listen to. I just love the whole "And I sure would like just to groove with you." You can also hear him a laugh a little bit at times, which is just beyond. :wub:
  8. The small moments you love

    Amazing! I have never seen this before! The effortless rehearsing I LOVE - All the moves are just a little understated (which reminds me of TII and just imagining how he would have blown it out of the water...) One of my little moments I love is during the Private Home Movies with the scene at...
  9. In The Closet- Dangerous Tour

    Wow, I've never actually realised this! I clicked with the 87 Bad Tour that at first, he only did a few songs from the actual album....but never clicked about DWT until seeing this thread. I would have loved to have seen ITC or GITM.
  10. Michael and Lisa Marie Discussion (Positive Thread)

    Re: Michael & Lisa Marie Discussion Thread (Hate is not welcome) Hi people! I'm a big MJ-LMP fan and absolutely love the 2 of them together. I spent a large part of yday looking through this thread and the pics just melted my heart. I wish they could have stayed together and made it work...