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  1. Spike Lee announces Off The Wall Documentary - Estate Announcement Page 66

    Damn now this chalk thing just sounds soo wrong
  2. You Meet MJ in an Elevator - Reaction?

    1 post and banned what happend ?
  3. Creating your posthomous album

    Legends say that Teddy is still searching for Joy :P /s
  4. Posthumous albums

    Listen to both albums(skip Monster,Breaking News and Keep your head up since they are the only fake tracks)
  5. Spike Lee announces Off The Wall Documentary - Estate Announcement Page 66

    Dude they refused to acknowledge any existence of any early takes or unreleased demos while I can't help it demo was on soundcloud lol Did you forget about don't stop till you get enough and working day and night demos from.the 2001 re release? Oh what the hell am I saying those things never...
  6. John Textor: possible‘Michael Jackson’hologram concert next year

    I wish they would use Michaels real movments for a hologram , A good source is the green suit Michael wore to make the Ghosts skeleton dance.
  7. Video of 'Every Michael Jackson Grunt' goes viral

    Better than anything on the charts these days haha
  8. Tavis Smiley new book of Michael

    Wish more documentaries of Michael would be released showing some new footage of him , we have soo many books already.
  9. Best Smartphone ?

    I believe the new Xperia , but for now I'm using the Z2 Xscape edition
  10. What Are You Listening To?

    Re: What are you listening to? Wanna Be Starting Something 84 Toronto
  11. The R&B Thread

    When it comes to RnB I believe Omarion is abit under rated (his old songs)
  12. The Angry Video Game Nerd appreciation

    I wish he would go back to his old style , I don't know if it's just me but his new episodes are just not the same..
  13. Super Mario Maker

    I wish Nintendo would make this game available for the PC I REALLY WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME
  14. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

    I watched the movie a couple of days ago, I thought it was good.
  15. Overrated songs

    Thriller as a song is kinda over rated same goes for Black or White
  16. Songs that should have been singles

    Break of Dawn , We've had Enough and Whatever Happens. These 3 songs really are deserved more spotlight they needed to be singles.
  17. Christmas 2015

    This thread is just lovely , its nice to see Michaels legacy all around the world