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  1. Hot topic Brad Sundberg Seminars: Making Music With Michael Jackson

    I don't know who owns these songs but a strong copyright tool could've wiped those tracks from youtube etc. Someone like Dr. Dre did the same thing back in the days. And even an early trailer for Indiana Jones 5 got blocked whenever it was posted last year.
  2. Do you still have all cascios tracks that leaked? If yes can u send? Thanks

    Do you still have all cascios tracks that leaked? If yes can u send? Thanks
  3. Michael Jackson’s Thriller 3D

    Since some years have passed since this was announced / made...why exactly is this remaster not on youtube yet? What was/is their plan? If they're not planning to sell it in a way, they should just upload it. Take On Me by A-ha also got reuploaded on YouTube in 4K. So what are they waiting on ?? :I
  4. Bill Bottrell tells the story behind "Monkey Business"

    Monkey Business was most likely left off because it sounded to "groovy" imo. All the other songs on Dangerous had a harder vibe to it than MJ's previous stuff up to that point. So a record that sounded like a Bad-leftover just would've sounded out of place.
  5. Drake featuring Michael Jackson (TONIGHT)

    Tbh, I don't think it's the effect that's ruining his singing, It seems like they just used a weak take. Pitch correction doesn't ruin vocals, only if the settings are set wrong or if u use It too much. There's no reason why they would try to make MJ look bad next to Drake. Anyway, I looked on...
  6. Drake featuring Michael Jackson (TONIGHT)

    Doesn't sound like autotune to me, it's just a weird filter that they applied on them vocals. Well, it does sound bad but I think I can get used to it after a while. Drake's one of the most popular rappers out there as well, so it is actually a cool way to introduce his younger audience to MJ...
  7. Remember the Time - Short Film's Aspect Ratio

    How come the short film of Remember the Time is one of the only widescreen-videos of Michael, while others are usually presented in the 4:3 format?
  8. Michael Jackson: The Last Photo Shoot documentary film 2014

    Well, the producers announced this documentary like 3/4 years ago and nothing has happened since then. And I'm sorry for my behaviour, but I'm still pissed that the Estate didn't release anything good this year..
  9. Michael Jackson: The Last Photo Shoot documentary film 2014

    Already saw this. What a shame that the shitty Estate cancelled the release just like that. Only some boneheads like them would do this and delay fkn Thriller3D until next year..
  10. Songs and videos that prove MJ's love for blackness

    Well, I once read he perferred to do interviews only with black people cuz he didn't trust the "white media".
  11. Thoughts on State of Shock?

    I love the beat, it sounds very contemporary but I prefer the Mercury version over the Jagger version too.
  12. What song can't you listen to

    Lady in My Life, I swear I only heard it like 2 times and I did not like it back then. I'm just ignoring it the whole time. One More Chance - Because Michael's voice sounds autotuned and pitched, and his "singing style" kinda annoys me :T > If you speed up Privacy it actually sounds decent btw :P
  13. Michael Jackson’s Thriller 3D

    ^ He only mentioned no DVD release as I recall. I must say though, I'm slowly starting to lose my patience. If the Estate has any further plans with this reworked version, they should announce it like now..... I've been waiting for Thriller 3D since 2014 and I don't wanna hear that I won't be...
  14. Michael Jackson’s Thriller 3D

    So it seems like they left the film-grain intact (?)..... Was it noticeable when you had your 3D-glasses on? :0
  15. Michael Jackson Scream - The Album

    Why do they still have to master those songs so damn loud? -_-
  16. Changing Skin Colour

    Re: Changing skin colour Because Michael was the most famous singer of all his siblings? Tbh Michael should have released a statement regarding his skin disease instead of waiting until '93.
  17. Michael Jackson’s Thriller 3D

    Re: Thriller 3D just premiered in LONDON!! Ghosts deserves a better treatment imo, I mean it was shot 14 years after Thriller and they could achieve a better remaster.. (Still hoping the third project will be a Blu-ray release of all short films btw.)
  18. Michael Jackson’s Thriller 3D

    So it seems like we'll get: 1. Thriller 3D in cinemas 2. Remastered Short Films (on Bluray???) 3. Scream Album And maybe more (?)
  19. Michael Jackson Scream - The Album

    Re: New Album Coming September 29? Posters Located in Germany Hopefully Threatened gets the recognition it deserves if it's included
  20. RS-IV:Quincy-jones-on-the-making-of-michael-jacksons-bad-

    Just Good Friends will always remain a favourite song from mine. I don't understand why people think that track is weak.