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  1. Cascio Tracks - Are the Songs Fake?

    It just amazed me that people only wanted to quote what they wanted to quote and believed what they wanted to believe. Please stop twisting facts or acting like getting the full picture yet still being biased actually. The core of the controversy is whether the lead vocal on Cascio songs is...
  2. Michael - The Great Album Debate

    Don't just sit back and wait for Teddy's book, or you will miss the last chance to file a lawsuit. Do you want to see fans still complaining about the same issue incessantly 10 years later?
  3. Michael - The Great Album Debate

    Set up by the whole situation without Jason Malachi’s involvement. If you ask me whom should be blamed most for all the mess, I’d say John McClain for sure. Teddy Riley was the finisher whose main contribution was the music part, and he processed the vocals which were already processed by...
  4. Michael - The Great Album Debate

    I mean the mess, not his opinion. If you are talking about going against Michael's original vision, I think he was no different from others. We'd better work together to get the issue resolved instead of being incompatible like water and fire. Edited to add: Again Cascio tracks and...
  5. Michael - The Great Album Debate

    How would you know for sure he is not going to reveal anything, Qbee? You must have known by now nearly everyone involved with “Michael” album seemed to have an issue with John McClain. Teddy Riley’s latest tweets show no sign of going to state Cascio tracks to be fake...
  6. Michael - The Great Album Debate

    Time for Teddy to call John McClain on all the mess he has created on the whole project behind the scene. Go Teddy! Tell it like it is.
  7. Michael - The Great Album Debate

    Teddy had every reason to get mad. Some people constantly belittled him and his works, because in their opinions believer = liar. He didn't create the songs, he was ordered to remix them which surely involved tweaking and processing vocals to some extent. Teddy was friend with Jacksons, he...
  8. Michael - The Great Album Debate

    "The irony with Teddy is that it was him who said the songs are fake before anyone else" aka "it didn't sound enough like Michael. Michael doesn't swing like that" from Taryll Jackson. "I want people to know that it’s not that I didn’t believe it was Michael’s voice on those songs. I just...
  9. Michael - The Great Album Debate

    @TeddyRiley1 it seem to me like u got all the heat on u for a fraud they created- which is nt fair on u @MJeb it isn't but its all good. I'll be able to talk soon.
  10. Michael - The Great Album Debate

    You mean this one, Qbee?
  11. Michael - The Great Album Debate

    I was refering to Slave only.
  12. Michael - The Great Album Debate

    Slave To The Rhythm was written by Babyface & L.A. Reid, with whom Michael worked during 1989 and 1990. Babyface and L.A. Reid broke up in 1994 or 1995, and never wrote any song together for any singer again. The vocal part was most likely recorded during the late 80s and early 90s unless...
  13. Michael - The Great Album Debate

    I accidently clicked this youtube video ( Sorry, I still don’t know how to insert) which is part of a very interesting series the other day, and I noticed something. I heard Michael saying...
  14. Michael - The Great Album Debate

    It will be the best place with towels over the shower curtains. :) And yes Eddie only mentioned background vocals too. Let’s try a possible situation: add heavy echo to a line from Butterflies acapella, export the audio file, then try to remove the echos from the new audio file. See...
  15. Michael - The Great Album Debate

    I remember some fans complained that recording in shower was something like impossible, while it is the best place for recording if you don’t have much money for a professional studio. And I don't think Eddie used this as excuse or proof, he just shared an anecdote in the documentary of...
  16. Michael - The Great Album Debate

    Sorry?I don't know how to insert video. Please somebody help me. Guess where did this band (Guy) record this song's vocal part? SHOWER I have an irrelevant question for everyone here: did you (believers or doubters) do your...
  17. Michael - The Great Album Debate

    Eddie and James are living their lives. Eddie is a long-time producer of the Gospel Hip Hop duo you guys saw in the documentary. What interested me is whom you guys gathered the informaton (correct or not) from about how the Cascio tracks were produced. Cory Rooney? 3T? or somebody else?
  18. Michael - The Great Album Debate

    Honestly, I'd like finished (by Michael himself or producers who Michael ever worked with) songs on next posthumous new album. I like Michael's demos very very much, but please leave the unfinished ones untouched for fans' private collection.
  19. Michael - The Great Album Debate

    Ivy if you contact 3T or Cory Rooney, I think you will have the source for that story Stella told you.
  20. Michael - The Great Album Debate

    Thank you elapentela for the post. Let me say it again in case some fans forget it easily. This controversy is NEVER really about the voice to the parties involved. Some people said certain song should not be included in the album didn't mean they believed it was fake. You guys put a bunch of...