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  1. Is it a really good idea for the trial being televised?

    Yes. 05 coverage was awful! As for nancy grace, she will tear this murder up. This is no casey anthony case. There is all the right evidence murder needs. This crazy case is already making me ill. I will be away from the boards during the trial and just see the horrible night of June 25 unfold...
  2. Michael Jackson’s Forgotten Fortune: Secret Art Collection Uncovered & Valued At $900M /Update @pg10

    No. He didn't trust them. He wanted them OUT his life once for and all! Michael had begun to stand up for himself before the 25th.
  3. Michael Jackson’s Forgotten Fortune: Secret Art Collection Uncovered & Valued At $900M /Update @pg10

    For goodness sake, this IS the man who negotiated Michael's TII concerts, while saying that he didn't feel Michael would make one day in London. Never heard of such a thing. Tell us Thome, why would you negotiate the concerts if you believed Michael wouldn't make one date? What were you really...
  4. Michael Jackson’s Forgotten Fortune: Secret Art Collection Uncovered & Valued At $900M /Update @pg10

    THOME NEED TO BE LOCKED UP!!! Along with his other fellow SLYTHERINS. "....he Threatened death and destruction upon Michael...." He already crossed the line with that statement!!! How deep into the mud can that snake get??!! Sophielo, it'll be MESSY as long as the SLIMY SNAKES remain!
  5. Michael's Manhood Thread - 18+ (Read The First Post For Rules!)

    Re: Michael's Manhood - Explicit pictures are NOT allowed
  6. La Toya says Michael Was Not A DRUG addict on AH (Video)

    Thank you so much latoya for standing up for him and defending him with his own words.
  7. Second Chance to Ask La Toya Jackson Your Questions

    Q for Latoya: You and the family must know the type of charges the lapd wanted for the case. And yet, we still have a manslaughter charge at the lowest. Clearly, something is wrong. Joe said the case should be taken to the FBI. Why hasn't it been taken to the FBI? Why are the Jacksons still...
  8. Prosecutors want another delay in trial of Michael Jackson's doctor

    Justice??? That is NOWHERE in sight!! IM, even VM DON'T add up to what the evidence shows. That is a fact.
  9. murray dances on June 25th!! aarrrgh!! What happened to "he's my best friend"????
  10. 2 Years Later: Remembering Michael Jackson (Stars Remember MJ)

    Re: Michael Jackson: King of Pop Remembered by Darren Criss of Glee I like Darren. Hope glee makes that two hour episode an all MJ one.
  11. If the verdict is NOT guilty..

  12. Murray will write a book? o___O

    "Conrad wants his son to see that his dad was innocent. He doesn't want his boy to grow up thinking his dad was a murderer," Interesting choice of words. He chooses the word 'murderer' instead of 'accidently killing michael' or 'manslaughterer' or 'reckless doctor.' Murder is CLEARLY on his...
  13. surveillance tapes (all threads merged)

    it doesn't matter how much exactly Michael was given. What matters is that the final dose (added to the other drugs already in his system) was one that is able to kill him. Is wasn't just the prop. A cocktail of drugs killed him.