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  1. Bill Bottrell tells the story behind "Monkey Business"

    Lyrically this song reminds me of 'superfly sister'.
  2. Resurrection Album Rumor Origin

    Had forgotten about the apparent upcoming 'snow walk' lol
  3. I Am a Fan, But... (What Makes You Heretic Among Other Fans?)

    If MJ has problems with his lip/nose during the latter recording sessions, then this would have no doubt effect how he sang. I loved the way he sounded on 'Invincible'. Everything changes.
  4. What happened to Michael in the late nineties -2003?

    To be honest drug abuse is an excuse. Effects of medication can make one to 'out of the ordinary' things. It wasn't Mike's best move, but as it was him it would always have been made into something it wasn't.
  5. Songs That Deserved Much Better

    I wish MJ had revisited 'Dangerous'. I appreciate it fizzled away during the allegations, but he could have brought it back a standalone single. He could have even used the MTV mix. He had plenty of opportunities' to do this. Maybe 'Dangerous' new version instead of 'Come Together' on the...
  6. Why the lip-synching?

    I don't think 'Jam' would have flowed on the HIStory tour setlist, and it wasn't even on the HIStory album. I seriously don't get anyone getting upset over Mj lip syncing. Just look at him during the Dangerous London show that was posted, he is mesmerizing to watch!
  7. Why the lip-synching?

    Admittedly the lip sync is pretty poor in this performance!
  8. Why the lip-synching?

    It was ok that he faked his gift, because he had that gift. It was probably a contractual issue that he had to do the tour. It was probably a unanimous decision for the show to lip synced. I can't see why it's such a huge deal and remember, it was also a product of its time.
  9. Why the lip-synching?

    The 'Off the Wall' medley should have been re-recorded if it was going to be lip-synced or pitched down like Billie Jean. But to be fair at least MJ was one of the best lip syncers out there. Only thing that gave it away was if he wasnt wearing a mic for a performance.
  10. Why was everything out of place/wrong with Invincible?

    At the time I was gutted with the lame video for 'Cry'. The whole album may not be his best work, but it did have so much potential.
  11. Why was everything out of place/wrong with Invincible?

    The only one I agree with here is the 'she is banging' phrase. To this day that is still very cringe!
  12. I Am a Fan, But... (What Makes You Heretic Among Other Fans?)

    Any examples of pitch correction? I'm not sure Mj would need that! I haven't a clue what you mean about 'One more chance', that has gone right over my head lol. I understand what you mean about YANA, I don't see the problem with that unless he lip syncs it. I don't think 'Speechless' had a...
  13. I Am a Fan, But... (What Makes You Heretic Among Other Fans?)

    That's the one, and also the WMA 1996. Everything else in the performances are amazing though.
  14. I Am a Fan, But... (What Makes You Heretic Among Other Fans?)

    I cringe at the end of the performances of 'Earth Song' at the award shows. Very awkward. The performance of the songs itself is incredible, the end part really wasn't great.
  15. Why the lip-synching?

    He wasnt hiding his face during TII. It must have been just the Invincible era.