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  1. What was the last MJ song u listened to?

    I think it was Off the Wall.
  2. Name That Michael Jackson Song A-Z

    Leave me alone.
  3. Do You Think Michael Would Be Able To Adapt In This New Social Media Teachology World?

    I think due to being a very private person, the most he'd use social media for is promotion and charity work.
  4. Name That Michael Jackson Song A-Z

    Johnny Raven.
  5. MJIFC and KOP Boards

    Holy shit, that's awful. I'm so sorry that happened.
  6. MJIFC and KOP Boards

    Did anyone use to go on these forums? I was really fond of them but unfortunately they shut down.
  7. Have You Ever Dreamed About Michael?

    Unfortunately I can barely remember any of my Michael related dreams.
  8. Name That Michael Jackson Song A-Z

  9. Sisters of Mercy

    Anyone else like this band? I really like their album, "Floodland." One song I'm just obsessed with is Lucretia, my reflection (where I got my name from, haha). There's a 12" version that's like 10 minutes long and I adore it so much.
  10. A-Z .... of any food? :-)

    Jack fruit.
  11. Name That Michael Jackson Song A-Z

    Baby be mine.
  12. Name That Michael Jackson Song A-Z

  13. Change My Username Thread

    Thank you! :)
  14. A-Z .... of any food? :-)

    Green beans.
  15. A-Z .... of any food? :-)

  16. A-Z .... of any food? :-)

    Cottage cheese.
  17. A-Z .... of any food? :-)

  18. A-Z .... of any food? :-)

    I think y is the next letter. Yogurt.
  19. A-Z .... of any food? :-)

    Xanthan gum.
  20. A-Z .... of any food? :-)

    Vienna sausage.