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  1. Monster Chorus

    It sounds like it. I mean, you would like to think so right? That MJ had atleast some part in all 3 of those "songs". It's such a shame because I think they're actually pretty good, even Breaking News is aight. I still listened to them the other week running the Michael album again.
  2. Why was everything out of place/wrong with Invincible?

    I actually love Unbreakable, it's just sometimes you gotta leave good songs on the cutting room floor :LOL:
  3. Extra Album?

    There was enough material made to make another album between Bad and Dangerous. Although I think just making Bad a double album would've been a good move. That was the original plan for it I believe. I get why they cut it down of course, quality over quantity always. For the hell of it; 1...
  4. Why was everything out of place/wrong with Invincible?

    That's the problem with Invincible, too much filler. Trim the fat and there's a classic album in there; 1. Invincible 2. Break of Dawn 3. Heaven Can Wait 4. You Rock My World 5. Butterflies 6. Speechless 7. Don't Walk Away 8. Cry 9. The Lost Children 10. Whatever Happens You could argue the...
  5. Thriller 40th Anniversary - Songs Discussion

    Man this Behind The Mask demo still just got me wanting to hear the finished version. I was always under the impression it was 100% going to make the album it just didn't because of sample clearance/royalties. So there must be a complete one out there. Hopefully we get to hear it one day.
  6. Thriller 40th Anniversary - Songs Discussion

    Did ya'll hear this yet? This could've made it on to Thriller its that good🔥🔥🔥
  7. How would you make Thriller 40

    I think I would just do something like an "enhanced original vision version" of the album, with no time restraints. Which for arguments sake lets just say would be something like longer versions of Billie Jean and TLIML, plus Carousel and Behind The Mask. Then add Hot Street and another...
  8. Thriller 40th Anniversary - Songs Discussion

    One giant anthology set like that ultimate collection thing would be amazing but even still If it's just a couple new MJ songs a year on average I'd take that too. It seems like the Estate/Sony are just going to milk that vault for everything they can. Hopefully it's not another 8 years till the...
  9. The evolution of Carousel releases and hypothesis about how it sounds (and guest CGOTR)

    I was curious about Carousel but didn't really know where to ask this without starting a new thread. No place better than this. Does anyone know why it was only a snippet on Thriller 2001?
  10. Thriller 40th Anniversary - Songs Discussion

    Long time fan here. I actually was a member back when Hold My Hand leaked being a huge Akon fan at the time but there's no chance I can remember my login from back then lol Just for the record, I had heard all the leaked tracks before except She's Trouble and the new ones of course. I just feel...