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  1. Hey shannon. I'm just wondering, what passwprd is needed for 2000 watts? I haven't been able to...

    Hey shannon. I'm just wondering, what passwprd is needed for 2000 watts? I haven't been able to get onto it forever. Did I miss something? I'm confused..
  2. NEW BOOK- Defending a king----by Dr. Karen Moriarty

    Guys, if I may, I have the book, and I have read it, and it's a beautiful and respectful portrayal of Michael. I advise getting it, I think you'll all enjoy it!
  3. Appleheads!

    Re: appleheads! Yummy!!
  4. Blood on the Dance Floor - 15 Years Later (Interview with Teddy Riley)

    In addition to Blood on the Dance floor being a wonderful track, how fine did Michael look in the video? Damn!!
  5. Appleheads!

    Re: appleheads! LMAO!! Oh,! Laughing so hard I'm wiping away tears..:)
  6. Michael's mom reported missing /Grandma's Home/TJ appointed Co/Guardian with Katherine

    Re: Michael's mom reported missing /PPB Atty steps in after Siblings try to take them from their ho Good god..Haven't those kids been through enough hell already? I'll keep katherine and those kids in my prayers!
  7. Appleheads!

    Re: appleheads! Oh my, that jaw!Very kissable..:)
  8. Appleheads!

    Re: appleheads! Ooohh!!! I want, I want, I want!! hi, i'm lizzy, by the way!
  9. *** TV Alert *** Last Days of Michael Jackson

    Does anyone else want to punch Diane Diamond in the face?!? stupid ***ch.
  10. Appleheads!

    Thanks!!! This thread makes me smile! hugs all around!!! lizzy
  11. Appleheads!

    Hi everybody. I'm lizzy. Sweet lord, this thread is just what I needed. I didn't even know it was here. Hello!!! i'm 30, by the way. That's old enough to be here, right? :)
  12. When do you think Michael and Lisa last spoke?

    Okay, please don't shoot me. Normally, I don't say much on here, but I feel I must speak my piece. I know most, if not all, of us feel somewhat angry at LMP for not "defending" Michael during the toughest time of his life, but speaking as someone who fell in love with someone and tried to save...
  13. Happy Birthday Michael Jackson :We Miss You Michael

    Happy Birthday, my darling Michael!!! Miss you still so, so much. "You knock me off of my feet now, baby!!!" We will get justice for you, I promise you!!!
  14. george carlin on michael jackson

    Say it loud and proud, George!!! I love you,man! Another one we've lost. Maybe George is making Michael laugh up there, too.