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  1. lupo

    Michael Jackson's blue and white jacket - This Is It rehearsals

    nice pictures, so clear! thanks
  2. lupo

    HQ Bad Tour Pictures (No Watermarks) Bad era 87.88.89

    love these photo very much! great era! thank u so much!
  3. lupo

    [IN PICTURES & VIDEOS] Michael's Love And Care For Children

    love children, my king! thanks for sharing
  4. lupo

    Rare Pictures Thread

    they should be some rare pictures, but I can see red X only~
  5. lupo

    MJ Black Fedora photos

    thank u very much!
  6. lupo

    The 1982 Dick Zimmerman Thriller album photoshoot

    lovely little tiger and sweet smile!
  7. lupo

    VERY RARE RS pic from 92

    can't see it:(
  8. lupo

    Rare Pictures Thread

    Re: Some picture I never seen before. i've never seen the first picture~ thank u!
  9. lupo

    Chinese cartoon about Michael

    lovely & sweet pics!
  10. lupo

    Rare Pictures Thread

    Re: Some picture I never seen before. really rare except 3th pic! thank u!
  11. lupo

    TII Program Photos

    thanks a lot! i like HQ HQ HQ:)
  12. lupo

    Pictures that make you go WOW!!!!!!!

    Re: pictures that make you go WOW!!!!!!! the lip! this is it!
  13. lupo

    This Is It HQ pics

    thank u so much! want more:)
  14. lupo

    MJJ Pictures/Galleries [Download]

    thank u so much! i like the pics of michael!
  15. lupo

    ° Really BIG Pictures ° - 20 HQ Pics.

    thanks! rare but too small?
  16. lupo

    MJ & PM (Bad Era)

    i think it looks like 1989.
  17. lupo

    T25 Cover (zombie) 1600x1449

    thank u so much!
  18. lupo

    apollo theatre pics

    a little fat!
  19. lupo

    50th anniversary pics

    thank u so much! michael looks like to have a little fat
  20. lupo

    Which tour outfit you like best?

    i like red outfit too