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  1. Controversial MJ Documentary Leaving Neverland [GENERAL DISCUSSION THREAD]

    Its disheartening to me that its nearly 10 years after this man has passed away and here we are dealing with this bullsh!t again. Only this time Michael isn't here to stand up for himself so we as his fans, his family, his friends have to do it for him. I'm so angry... These three men, and...
  2. Aww... Thank you! :)

    Aww... Thank you! :)
  3. A new Bollywood MJ inspired movie....

    Sounds cool, can't wait to see the movie! :)
  4. Navi, Michael Jackson's Impersonator, Is Interviewed on Wendy Williams's Show

    I really want to see this movie, but feel nervous because in the past the only movie that has ever done Michael justice is "The Jacksons: An American Dream". But I think Navi as a fan, comes from a place of love. So i'm hoping the movie is been done well.
  5. Top 5 Celebrities you are in love with.

    Michael Jackson - Michael is a long time love of mine, There will never be another Michael, And no one will ever come close to doing it the way Michael did it. Bruno Mars - Bruno really reminds me of so many Legendary Musical Icons all wrapped up into one. Kiefer Sutherland - Who doesn't...
  6. Jackson //\\//ation

    Mon. 6.28.76 A few days later. Michael, sat tapping his foot nervously, slowly glancing up at his reflection in the mirror. He knew rehearsals were starting back next week. He was absolutely dreading the second leg of the summer tour. It wasn’t being on stage or the fans he adored. It...
  7. Prince

    I've never really been a big Prince fan, I was and am a MJ fan first. lols, but i always knew who Prince was, knew of "Purple Rain" and recently seen it all the way through. Then seen "Graffiti Bridge". Loved both, diffidently going to add them to my collection. I seen this documentary a...
  8. Whats your fave song from Rhythm Nation

    "Miss You Much" that has to be my favorite. But I also love "Love Will Never Do Without You" & "Escapade". And of course "Rhythm Nation". ;)
  9. Jackson //\\//ation

    A Note: @mjj4everinourhearts @barbee0715 @soulmum @Daryll748 @aazzaabb Thank you so much for all the wonderful reviews, for the first couple chapters... I wanted to let you know, I thought i had it in me to completely rewrite this story. But with everything going on in my life at the moment, I...
  10. Jackson //\\//ation

    Sending out lots of MJJ Love to everyone!;)
  11. Jackson //\\//ation

    Just hang in there, doll... thanks! ;) :heart: Welcome to Jackson Nation... Thanks so much for the kind words and encouragement! :heart:
  12. Jackson //\\//ation

    Enjoy! :cheeky: I walked around outside talking with Randy and Janet about what seemed like everything I’ve missed the last 7 years. They gave me a grand tour of the grounds. It was gorgeous, it was just covered in green and the most beautiful colors of flowers. It just took my breath...
  13. Jackson //\\//ation

    Hey, just checking in... :) Sorry its taking so long, I've been really under the weather. landed myself in the ER. But got some antibotics and feeling much better! I'm slowly getting back to chapter 2. hehe! ;) Hugs, K.
  14. What are you doing this very second?

    Hey girlie, sorry took so long to reply... I kept trying to send a private message, but says your inbox has exceeded your qouta. Can you check that? :D I'm just watching Tiny House Hunters on Travel Channel i believe. Writing... nothing exciting... ;)
  15. Jackson //\\//ation

    Aww thank you! :heart: I was really worried about posting this story again, but you've all been so welcoming... Thanks for that, it encourages me to keep moving forward! :) know I am working on Chapter 2, will post it soon. :D
  16. Jackson //\\//ation

    Aww Thank you, for the warm welcome! :heart: Thank you so much for reading my story, I hope i can keep your interest not trail off... If i do, please just let me know!? lols. I'll correct it! hehe... I really love this story, its my first so its special to me. I have two other love stories i'll...
  17. Happy birthday blanket

  18. Jackson //\\//ation

    Hope you enjoy! :heart::D Part: 1 of 2. The gate finally began to slowly open, the guard motioned us through once it was open.The Cab driver pulled through the gates of the Havynhurst estate of dad’s best friends. Family, he would call them, Not only he, but i did adore them also...
  19. Jackson //\\//ation

    No biggy ;)... thanks so much for reading... I hope you enjoy the story... I'll be posting chapter 1, shortly...
  20. Jackson //\\//ation

    Friday. 06.25.1976 California. Our plane just landed in Southern California, I helped dad collect our luggage. I was so nervous about today, excited but nervous, exhaling deeply. Getting outside the airport terminal, Dad got the attention of a Cabby, Whistling, he put his hand up, the cabby...