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    Michael Jackson's Official Resting Place **Post 60 - NOW DELETED**

    Re: Michael Jackson's Official Resting Place Oh yes, she did. Sorry, but she did. I read it myself.
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    Eminem Threatens Mariah in New Song

    Right? What a loser! He can dish it out but he can't take it. The way he responded just makes him look even more obsessed and pathetic, IMO! If it weren't true what she sings, or if it didn't "hit home" for him, why would he be so bothered by it? LOL. Eminem is so immature, and SO nine years...
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    Help me name my puppy

    How about Shamone? :)
  4. Thrilled

    do you think michaels new move...

    OMG! It totally DOES me too, now that you say it! :rofl:
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    A part of the trailer that I could watch/listen to all day..

    Oh yeah, I listened to it over and over when I first saw the clip. I love listening to his "real" speaking voice. :)
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    Small clip of TII trailer, MJ singing Billie Jean live. [Merged]

    Re: This is it, Michael Jackson Billie Jean Video!!!!! Oh, that was great to hear him singing Billie Jean live! My favorite song. And to hear his "real" speaking voice, too. :) I kept listening to him saying, "Let's do it one more time" over and over again.
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    When do you think Michael and Lisa last spoke?

    Yeah, me too. I was kind of surprised she would post that, really. I have no idea whether it's true, but she certainly didn't hesitate to say that when asked what happened with MJ & TT. Hmm.
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    When do you think Michael and Lisa last spoke?

    Actually, Dori, Karen said that Tatiana had been sending Michael sexually explicit, vile, "filthy" letters and was obsessed with Michael. Karen says that Michael showed them to her to confirm what he suspected--that Tatiana was mentally unstable. So the "kiss" was kind of the last straw...
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    Unwilling to forgive

    If he would ever fully admit his guilt (and others, if it applies) and apologize and accept the consequences FULLY, without making excuses or placing blame on Michael, then I would probably forgive him. I don't expect that he will, but if he ever did, I probably would. I'm assuming this was an...
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    Is this Michaels voice ?

    I don't think anyone really "wanted" to hear Michael (at least I didn't); we just wondered who it was. It didn't sound like Carly to me, but it's fine if it is. No worries! :)
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    Is this Michaels voice ?

    I've heard the original several times, but for some reason the spoken parts don't sound like Carly to me. :)
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    Be Careful Who You Love: Inside the Michael Jackson case

    I wouldn't even read this book for free. Diane Dimond can suck it. :(
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    Is this Michaels voice ?

    Wow, I don't know who this is. Sounds like Michael to me, but I can't find ANY song credits for this song that include MJ. Hope someone else can answer!
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    Question "I Don't Want To Be Another Cannon In The Assembly Line"

    Are you sure he said "cannon"? Could it be "cog" or "can"? Which interview are you referring to?
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    Politics of Michael Jackson Fans

    Liberal Democrat here. :)
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    Backup your backups...

    Aw, man, that sucks. I'm so sorry. I'm always afraid something like this will happen to me, too. I'll take your advice and try to backup my most precious things. But you will be able to get your MJ stuff back. It may take awhile, but you will. Maybe you'll even find new stuff while you are...
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    need some info of an MJ quote (already resolved)

    Re: need some info of an MJ quote That's what it sounded like to me, too, but I reread the transcript and didn't find anything like that in it. Hmm. A mystery. Can't wait to see if someone finds it.
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    James Browns wish for Michael to do: Fix the music

    I like both of those guys, at least what I've heard of Akon on the radio lately I've enjoyed. And I've always liked the BEP, including Will. Maybe they don't have the "genius" Michael did, but who does? I know musical taste is subjective, but I enjoy them, among others. Everybody has their...
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    Michael Interviewed by Brett Ratner (Video)

    Thanks for posting! I haven't finished listening to it yet, but I'm really enjoying it. Never heard it before.