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  1. The "Leaving Neverland" Rant & Support Thread [Merged]

    Re: The "Leaving Neverland" Rant & Support Thread Hi all, it's been many years that I've posted here; I was one of the Bad Girls Club veterans lol, back in 2009 when I think this site had a different look and my name was longer. :blush: Needless to say I'm sad and disturbed that all this has...
  2. To Catlovers

    Re: to catlovers Here are some other sweeties that still need help: Genevieve from L.A., CA: Tortie from Concord NC...
  3. To Catlovers

    Re: to catlovers UPDATE: She was saved!! Yay! Hello! I've missed you guys :) I'm wondering if we're allowed to share shelter kitties who are at high risk/on the EUTH list... for those of us who are far away and can't pick them up but want to share in hopes that someone who lives close by might...
  4. Michael references in songs [MERGED]

    Re: Michael references in songs Playboy Mansion by U2 Bono: "If coke is a mystery Michael Jackson, HIStory..."
  5. Tom Sneddon dies of cancer

    Knowing Sneddon was alive and Michael wasn't was hard to live with, so I'm not at all sad for this guy's departure. Not that that's going to bring Michael back :(
  6. Say Goodnight to Michael

    Good night, Mikey ^_^ Please watch over the defenseless with your love, we love you more. :wub:
  7. To Catlovers

    Re: to catlovers ^Sent!! Too bad I couldn't edit the pre written message to give Bayside a piece of my mind! But I suppose if I keep it civil there's a better chance they may reconsider. Seriously would they turn away starving children or other animals (ie. puppies?) I'm sick of the cat phobia...
  8. To Catlovers

    Re: to catlovers LOL I crack up with cats that quack!! (or other crazy sounding meows) :D here are 2 of my favorites:
  9. People who think Michael's guilty but still buy his music

    That's just...disturbing. :blink::bored:
  10. How do you handle someone bad-mouthing Michael in front of you?

    ^^ That is so sad :( In my country many of my fellow mexicans tend to worship the non-native indigenous features and consider it a blessing to have lighter hair/skin/eyes or children with those features.It makes me so angry!(Sorry if a little OT)
  11. How do you handle someone bad-mouthing Michael in front of you?

    Same exact thing w/ me. All I do is take a deep breath and leave. If I get asked why I left I will say it hurts my feelings every time someone attacks Michael, and that I have reasons why I defend him 100%. I too avoid & have no desire to even deal with/look at people who are MJ haters, same...
  12. To Catlovers

    Re: to catlovers I died laughing too with kitty's butt/tail preventing a good nap!! Sheila, I love tabbies, that girl looks gorgeous. I'm so glad she came across a friend of the cats :huggy: I know a few shy kitties like that, but it makes such a great difference in their lives to meet at...
  13. MJ and Queen world premiere!!!!!!!!!!!

    Finally I heard it, I liked it! :music:
  14. Say Goodnight to Michael

    ^Thanks sweetie!
  15. Say Goodnight to Michael

    Dear Michael, I am heartbroken. Please can you take the abused animals that have died in your arms, the stray kitties that were killed this week :( Please can you comfort them in heaven, since I couldn't save them :boohoo Thank you and have sweet dreams, I miss you and this world desperately...
  16. Getting to Know You!

    Re: Getting to know you! Hiya! I'm Maria and I live in California, USA. I was *Dangerously_Dirty_Diana* in a previous MJ forum but you might not remember me; I joined it in 2009 and had loads of fun in the BAD threads :cheeky: plus I always loved to reference my love for the "Dirty Diana" song...
  17. You Are Not Alone

    ^*BIG HUG* I'm so sorry, I know how painful it is as I have lost my pets too, these past couple of years. And it's even harder when Michael, who used to cheer us from our daily personal stumbling blocks is now gone too. :cry: