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  1. Natashaaa

    UpDate number 7,8,9 book of My This Is It Scrapbook

    Re: My This It It Scrapbook Great job, it looks unreal :D
  2. Natashaaa

    MJJC Member Pictures !

    Some random ones, I'm the one on the left in all these :P Dressed up as Thriller MJ for Halloween :)
  3. Natashaaa

    Who else is a fashion junkie

    *Raises hand* Self confessed Elle/Vogue/Topshop addict here. Any of you 'Fashion Junkies' run fashion blogs? I love reading those :D
  4. Natashaaa

    UK advertising has begun!

    Nice one! It's about time they started advertising it here.
  5. Natashaaa

    TII in Ireland

    I rang the Omliplex today and they said they'll not have any information until tomorrow, this whole thing is so disorganized. If none of the Omliplexs show it I'll have a hell of a lot of traveling to do.
  6. Natashaaa

    Chamone Mo' Fo' Selecta

    The Simon Cowell bits were amazing, I couldn't stop laughing. Had a good laugh watching it. There were some offensive bits but if you could overlook those then it was pretty good
  7. Natashaaa

    My Michael Drawing

    I love it! You've got skillzzz
  8. Natashaaa

    Hello everyone! :)

    Welcome to MJJC! :D
  9. Natashaaa

    My final goodbye to michael at forest lawn, glendale

    I would love to see the pictures :) x you can post it on here by going to tinypic and copying the [IMG] tags here.
  10. Natashaaa

    MJJC Member Pictures !

    Me and the cousins at the weekend :'D I'm on the left in both
  11. Natashaaa

    REQ: Does anyone have the big Jackson family picture?

    Does anyone have the picture of the Jacksons and their extended family? There's a lot of people in it, I'm pretty sure Omar Bhatti's in it too.. Can anyone help?
  12. Natashaaa

    Your Michael Jackson song of the moment.

    Stanger in Moscow :wub:
  13. Natashaaa

    souvenier tickets for sale on E-bay.

    The people selling the souvenir tickets would probably have sold the tickets to the show if it had of went on anyway. I hate people like that, a lot of genuine fans who missed out on tickets for one reason or another would appriciate that stuff 1000x more than them and would never even think of...
  14. Natashaaa

    MJ vs Usher in you rock my world: what was usher thinking?

    I love this clip! Usher's face when he comes on stage is just the cutest thing, he looks so excited! The little 'dance off' was too cool, and the part when MJ got on the floor - PHOAAAAR *SWOON MATERIAL* Really good preformance, this one :D
  15. Natashaaa

    New This Is It clip “Why Why” will debut on The Oprah Winfrey Show

    Thanks a million! Awww, MJ looked amazing there, it's such a lovely clip. :love:
  16. Natashaaa

    Is anyone finding it easier????

    I've been up and down ever since his passing. One day I'll be fine, I find it impossible to be sad about his death. The next I'm just a complete mess, crying at every little thing that reminds me of him. It's weird. I really want him back but there's times were I can't help but feel like he's...
  17. Natashaaa

    Robbie Williams tribute to MJ?

    Ugh, Robbie. That man is the defination of annoying. I've never liked him. I had no idea he bad mouthed Michael either, calling HIStory s*** is such a low thing to do. Who the hell does he think he is? Let him have his little tribute song if it makes him feel better, he can just disappear again...
  18. Natashaaa

    would you have married michael if you had the chance?

    Honestly, I think I would have. Michael was just perfect. He was stunning, had such a good heart, was intelligent, talented, a gentleman and just an all round amazing person. How could you not adore him? He had the full package. :( It's such a same he never found someone to help him overcome...
  19. Natashaaa

    Oprah Remembers Michael Jackson

    Missed the Human Nature clip :( Was just Oprah's chance to have people feel sorry for her. Ugh, I miss Michael so muchh :(