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  1. henryl

    Dr. Conrad Murray Wants to Use a Pig/Piglet for Propofol Experiment -

    i say they use murays ass for the experiment
  2. henryl

    “Hollywood Tonight” VIDEO premieres NOW

    i knew i saw her somewhere and my mind wasnt playin games on me!
  3. henryl

    Conrad Murray Trial May be delayed to 2012 or Beyond

    its not in my sig just a saying i heard a long time ago, but go ahead u can do it if u want.and i think your idea is a good one
  4. henryl

    MJJC Wallpapers

    dis ones badass
  5. henryl

    Controversial topic: Did Michael squander his talent in his latter years?

    aorund 2001 he was supposed to go on tour but then there was 9/11, around 2005 he was supposed to release an album but then that trial came, in 2009 he was supposed to come back with an album and tour but that conrad murray popped up in his life, so he never really stopped entertaining
  6. henryl

    Hollywood Tonight - remixes

    i just listened to that one :) i agree the baseline makes it sound more funky
  7. henryl

    MJ Recording at the Cascio studio?

    why'd he do that? oh well it woulda been cool to see that footage thoguh
  8. henryl

    Conrad Murray Trial May be delayed to 2012 or Beyond

    "Justice delayed is justice denied" man if they push this back further thatll be ridiculous, that downright sux if its laid off till 2012 or later
  9. henryl

    Michael Jackson was going to record my songs.. now I’m going to play them myself, says Ne-Yo

    dang mike was doing duets with everyone, even though he aint here to finish those ill definately get this album though!!! its nice neyo is doing a tribute
  10. henryl

    Fulham Football club to get statue of MJ

    wow even athletes honoring mike! this is good news, who's next politicians?
  11. henryl

    Thome firing Security

    naw i think what michael amir williams was saying is that thome did hire new security, he fired mike's security and hired all new security, dat's shady cus we know mike dont trust em
  12. henryl

    Conrad Murray Trial May be delayed to 2012 or Beyond

    if they push this back im done wit they asses
  13. henryl

    Kai Chase - odd testimony

    dat's what security are for though u need em u go get em!! asap!
  14. henryl

    Michael's Manhood Thread - 18+ (Read The First Post For Rules!)

    Re: Michael's Manhood - Explicit pictures are NOT allowed woah man i thnk i stumbled into da wrong thread! no homo
  15. henryl

    Jennifer Hudson calls her son "a little Michael Jackson"

    u know whos a little mike? that boy blanket, he look just like mj!