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  1. How was Streetwalker strong enough for Bad?

    How can anyone listening to this…awful distortion sound so cant say if this version is poor or good or much different from what we have heard previously.
  2. Rank the unreleased songs

    My top 5….wish they were released in great sound. Throwing Your Life Away Do You Know Where Your Children Are (2010 mix version) People Of The World What More Can I Give (solo version) Behind The Mask (in better sound as T40 version sounds very poor)
  3. How was Streetwalker strong enough for Bad?

    I really like the first one but the other two could be deleted from Dangerous and I wouldnt mind.
  4. Its funny/annoying that like Xscape the next posthumous we will already have heard a big part of it

    Xscape 2014 release was a huge dissapointment to me,only some of the bonus tracks was good imo.I enjoyed 4-5 songs on the Michael album MUCH more than anything on Xscape. Edit:sorry for the huge black font and letters,cant change it on my old tablet…weird
  5. How was Streetwalker strong enough for Bad?

    I have never liked the JGF…with S.Wonder…on the Bad album.I really wish that Streetwalker or Throwing Your Life Away was included instead. JGF could have been included as bonus track on the cd edition. Thinking of it I really dislike JGF….so weak compared to all other tracks on Bad.
  6. Our thread for Lisa -Marie Presley. - Our Condolences, Love & Prayers to all of her family.

    Looks like Lisa Maries death is very similar to what happened to her father and Michael,so sad. RIP
  7. The Brad Sunberg Seminar Leak/Theft of 2023

    Agree 100%…..I dont care much for them.
  8. Hot topic Brad Sundberg Seminars: Making Music With Michael Jackson

    Agree and that demo on YT sound just weird…imo
  9. Hot topic Brad Sundberg Seminars: Making Music With Michael Jackson

    The leak isnt as bad as first reported,so it seems. None of the tracks that many wants was on the laptop/harddrive that was stolen.
  10. Rolling Stones are a DISGRACE!!!

    Agree with everything. Elvis should be much higher…obviously Michael as well. And Bob Dylan in top 20,come on…he is/was a great songwriter but the man cant sing. Regarding Elvis,maybe the jury also listened to some of the poor 60s movie songs or live 1977 ones…its the only way to explain the...
  11. Lisa Marie Presley Hospitalized After Suspected Cardiac Arrest

    RIP She didnt look well at the Golden Blobe just 2 days ago :cry:
  12. Random MJ reference I noticed in the film Terminator 2: Judgment Day

    She does but in the extended edition only…its the last scene in the movie.
  13. Thriller 40th Anniversary - Songs Discussion

    Agree,its great and the only version of this song that I really like. Only wish a fixed version of Behind The Mask demo was available,there is one on YT but only as compressed mp3
  14. What are the chances we hear Mark Ronson's rendition of "Lovely Way"? Or any other unreleased renditions from "Michael" & "Xscape"?

    I cant remember the last time a completely new songs leaked in studio sound quality,not talking about things like Throwing Your Life Away as the sound on that is really bad. Since the Estate »never» release unreleased outtakes I dont mind leaks but sadly that is a rare thing.
  15. Best of Joy - Original Version

    Thanks,have this as sound file….sadly only as mp3. I like this one.
  16. Best of Joy - Original Version

    Right,thank you. Not 100% sure if I have heard the 2010 remix of this. Heard a few but they could just be fan made.
  17. Best of Joy - Original Version

    Agree 100% Hess….I could have written this myself. I think DYKWYCA 2010 leak mix is something MJ himself would be proud of. In fact when I first heard it I though it was a Dangerous final mix outtake. The demo is ok but it pales compared to the 2010 mix and for that reason I simply dont play...
  18. Best of Joy - Original Version

    Its late and im tied but SWLM? Anyway the first 2 is amazing and I wish we had them in lossless quality….the mp3 leaks are ok,much better than nothing. Especially DYKWYCA sounds like a low bitrate mp3 leak….if it was real 320 kbps the sound should have been better imo Blue Gangsta mp3 leak had...
  19. Thriller 40th Anniversary - Songs Discussion

    What A Lively Way To Go…..some fan(?) made a great mix of this and it sounds like a proper studio recording. I though he did great and its my to go version now.Played that one much more than the disc2 version. It was posted on YT and im sure others here have seen the post mentioning it here
  20. Why was everything out of place/wrong with Invincible?

    Bought «Bad» and every album after that on release day and «Invincible» was the only one that I didnt like at all….I still dont. I play every album ….back to back….every now and then,»Bad» just last week but «Invincible» I havent played in a decade +