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  1. Question about the rapper in Black Or White

    Now I know why there has been no live appearance of this... noone except me cares. ;)
  2. Question about the rapper in Black Or White

    Hello, recently, I read this article: and finally - after all these (30!) years - found out who that to me mysterious rapper on "Black or white" is (yeah I know this is probably old news...
  3. Michael With His Fans

    @NatureCriminal7896 - wow, that's a great picture. (y):yes:
  4. What happened to Michael in the late nineties -2003?

    Wow, if you look at only some of the things Michael had to go through (pain, court etc.) and he had to bear many simultaneously often... and then still doing all these performances, charities, recordings. I'd say he showed extreme strength! Does make total sense that he in one point stated he...
  5. John Landis Controversy

    It's not like John Landis was a serial killer. Regardless if he could be blamed in any way for the incident, I'm sure he learnt from it for his entire life.
  6. Your Thoughts on MJJ Records

    Wasn't Tatyana Ali highly underrated? I bought "Kiss the sky" back then, still love it... nice songs and wonderful voice. Maybe she was belittled because of "Fresh Prince of Bel Air". I think she could have reached a lot more as a music star.
  7. Michael and the 50 Year Copyright Extension rule

    Does he try to imply they might have a reason to release it by then?
  8. New Fan Made Documentary “Loving Neverland” (YouTube Release: 2020-08-26)

    That's understandable on one hand... but on the other I wonder: Isn't it normal that 11 years after his death and so many video material etc. it is difficult to present anything new to die hard MJ fans?
  9. Thoughts on "Threatened" [MERGED]

    That's a great way to look at it. :) Regarding the melody I have mixed feelings, IMO it's both great and a little bit "annoying". ;) Don't you like the heavy bass line though? I absolutely love it! Problem is IMO: It must have been an absolute nightmare to go through you do not forget, even...
  10. Thoughts on "Threatened" [MERGED]

    @Fuzball, thank you... that's really such a neat story (Threatened / Jerkins / Sterling / Michael).
  11. Thoughts on "Threatened" [MERGED]

    Re: Threatened doesn't get the credit it deserves. Yeah. If I put that in comparison to the mixes of the (original!) producers on the "Xscape" album, I think "Invincible" was an absolute masterpiece.
  12. Thoughts on "Threatened" [MERGED]

    Yeah... I especially like this cool dance move Michael does during it :)... anybody has a gif of it? I'm curious, was this "Threatened" interlude ever used before in some TV appearance etc., or was it really brand new for "This is it"?
  13. Has Moonwalker been released uncut on blu-ray?

    He should have dressed up like this director in Moonwalker for it. ;)
  14. Has Moonwalker been released uncut on blu-ray?

    This is such a great moment :D, I love it... I wonder if the cut scenes were ever broadcast in HD so that theoretically it could be put together uncut again (of course the movie shouldn't be uploaded).
  15. Has Moonwalker been released uncut on blu-ray?

    Wow... I didn't notice this either (probably watched the BD only once though). Can anyone imagine why they changed this Prince line? The BD was released almost 6 years before Prince's death.
  16. Michael performing It's The Falling In Love with Patti Austin at the Budweiser Superfest in 1982

    Can anyone please post the current link? I have trouble finding it on that page. Thank you...
  17. OUR VACATION WITH MICHAEL JACKSON - New Documentary coming!

    Is there a release date yet? Seems very interesting...
  18. Björk recommends We Are Almost There

    That is interesting. What I don't get is: Michael was part of that web chat??
  19. Leonard Cohen

    Thank you, great list. "I'm your man" is one of my favorite albums ever.