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  1. neems

    Pets & Fleas

    I have cats too, and I use Frontline spray. Do they have that where you live? It's safe for cats and dogs. :)
  2. neems

    Question about Opus

    I wanted to order it today from the Kraken opus website, but unfortunately it is out of stock. :( I'm currently living in Malaysia, so it's hard to find anything here.
  3. neems

    The Jacksons - A Family Dynasty (Live TV Stream)~ ALL POSTS GO HERE!

    Re: The Jacksons - A Family Dynasty (Live TV Stream) Hey guys, Is episode 4 up yet? I've been searching everywhere, can't find it. :(
  4. neems

    VOTE FOR Michael!!

    Voted! I will keep voting later. Come on guys! :)
  5. neems

    Question about the Taraborrelli book...

    I was wondering the same thing?:scratch: What's the difference between the first edition and the second? I have both second and the last edition, it's the same thing, only difference is Taraborelli adds a few chapters about the trial until his death. I think. :) First Edition...
  6. neems

    My mj drawing R.I.P

    That really good! What did you use?
  7. neems

    Blanket Cries For His Daddy

    Amazing!! Did you use just pencil for this?
  8. neems

    Bad figure (My pictures)

    Thats really cool! Where did you get it from? :)
  9. neems

    The MJ song battle Game.

    Jam VS Smooth Criminal
  10. neems

    What other artists think about Michael Jackson? Here`s a selection of interesting quotes

    Thanks for the Quotes. :D First time I'm reading them. Keep posting!
  11. neems

    What is MJ's Best Song with Another Artist?

    Re: what is mj's best song with another artist I can't choose between Say Say Say, Just Good friends, and, It's the falling Inlove. I love all 3 equally. :wub:
  12. neems

    Best song that MJ didn't write

    Human Nature. The lyrics are just beautifully written. Love it. :D
  13. neems

    Debate is Jason Malachi actually Michael Jackson

    :lol: There is no way in hell Jason Malachi is Michael Jackson. The voice is totally different!!! How can people not tell the difference? :lol: Oh man.. Is the debate still on? :lol:
  14. neems

    New Pics Of MJ! From Christian Audigier's bday @ LA (Pics And Video In 1st Post ~ HQ pics on pg. 29)

    Re: New Pics Of MJ!!! From Christian Audigier's bday @ Petersen Auto Museum (Los Angeles) Great to see MJ out and about. :D And God, that shirt is awfully shiny! LOL. :lol: It's good to finally see him after so long. Thanks for the pictures! :)
  15. neems

    untagged HQ pics

    Thanks so much for sharing!!! :D
  16. neems

    back in 98 what were you listening to?

    I was 12 back in 98. MJ of course, Lenny Kravitz, Savage Garden, George Michael, Queen, Tori Amos, and much more. I listen to oldies mostly. :D
  17. neems

    What Are You Listening To?

    Re: What are you listening to? While my guitar gently weeps - The Beatles
  18. neems

    Much Music's List of The 12 Most Powerful Musicians of Today

    Justin - The new King of pop? No way! :lol: He's OK, but I mean comparing him to MJ is just stupid.
  19. neems

    2004 Photo: Michael, Janet, JD and the Jacksons

    Nice picture. Thanks for posting. :)