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  1. michael jackson - moonwalker [HD quality].

    Funny that you started this thread, because I had taped this off the television some years ago and completely forgot that I had done that. So then I purchased the "Moonwalker" VHS tape (money spent for no reason) and realized that I had it taped already somewhere in my boxes of tapes. The only...
  2. Have You Seen This Video Before?

    Thanks for telling me. I haven't read a lot of his literary work. A lot of it I didn't know existed. I'm playing catch up a little right now.
  3. Patrice Rushen - Heartache, Heartbreak (1984)

    No. I hadn't heard that before. I just knew that she was the music director of one of Janet's concert tours and has musically directed several other artists. Actually, I didn't really know that, I read it on the Music Choice Channel's details provided about her as an artist during the playback...
  4. Beyonce Slams the Jackson Family

    I know. What I would like to know, as if I can't guess...who gave her the permission to give Michael those 2 awards she presented him? I want to say, I think...she asked could she do it and they let her because she made a fuss about how he is her idol and she just had to do it.
  5. Beyonce Slams the Jackson Family

    Do you call her "fully dressed" with her azz hanging out? I think not. Fully dressed to me means when you have your thighs and azz covered in clothing, not just nylons and hot pants.
  6. BBC 'pulls Paul McCartney's Michael Jackson impersonation'

    I didn't read the thread either, but what you wrote is close to what I would think, though with less of the nicely put words and more of the negative ones.:D So, I'll just let that stand.:D
  7. NFL 2008/09 Playoff Discussion

    I watched the Baltimore vs. Miami game and I had picked Baltimore to win even though I hadn't seen them play all year. They won!!! :D Since the Bears are out of it, I guess I'll just sit around and wait to see who I want to cheer for.
  8. Beyonce Slams the Jackson Family

    In the song, "2300 Jackson Street" the words convey that they are proud of where they come from and how the struggle to get what they have meant a lot to the family. Why should anyone else, other than a "Jackson" bring this up in an interview? I think those of you who are stuck on...
  9. The Jacksons Variety Show - Who Watched These?

    Re: The Jacksons Variety show, who watch them? Thanks rockstar. I stopped searching after I started watching those YouTube videos. I was wrong about not finding them anywhere. The second one is the best price, but hard to tell if the quality is the best over the higher priced ones. I'll...
  10. The Jacksons Variety Show - Who Watched These?

    Re: The Jacksons Variety show, who watch them? CBS aired it. Maybe I could write them a note.
  11. Beyonce Slams the Jackson Family

    That means we are both in tune to what's really happening with the situation.:D
  12. Ya'l have got to see this!! Michael as angry as you've never seen him before!!

    I didn't read all the posts, but if I'm remembering correctly there was a photographer that had just stuck his hand with a camera, inside the car trying to get a close-up photo of Michael. That's what is was about. The guy infringed upon them being out of sight and he ran up to the car and...
  13. Beyonce Slams the Jackson Family

    I'm still saying that she meant what she said because she has probably said worse in private about The Jacksons. I can imagine her saying stuff like, "It's my time to be the only one on top. Janet needs to retire. Michael, too." Seriously, I can almost hear her saying those words, in her...
  14. The Jacksons Variety Show - Who Watched These?

    Re: The Jacksons Variety show, who watch them? After reading this thread last night, I went to try to find the shows on VHS or DVD. I couldn't find them anywhere. What I found was an cool article about how the show got started and when it ended. The article was called: Summer Variety Shows...
  15. Thriller 25 - 2009 official calendar

    I've got my calendar on the bedroom wall and his eyes on there seem to sparkle with only the light coming from the television in the room. It freaked me out for a second when I first noticed it. I had to catch myself because I had forgot that I had put it on the wall and I happened to glance...
  16. Patrice Rushen - Heartache, Heartbreak (1984)

    ^^Do you mean because of the beat or the words? The song has a very direct message/meaning.
  17. NEW Pics of MJ from New Years Eve

    I would say that he just wanted to outside because he was getting stir crazy (tired of being inside) and he hasn't had a chance to get his hair done (you know how we just sometimes need to go out and the hair thing is messing with the plans) and he just didn't feel like putting on the tight...
  18. Beyonce Slams the Jackson Family

    I knew this would happen... If you sit and mull something over and over looking for something good out of it because you want to find something good then you say things like... She didn't mean it... Her words were taken out of context... She's a fan of Michael's and Janet's... It's...
  19. Beyonce Slams the Jackson Family

    Like I said before this has the makings of something that she's been feeling and wanting to say for a long time. I see no reason to give her a break.
  20. I was thinking...(Jacksons/Obama Inaugu.)

    If he hasn't been asked already, then it's probably too late now. I think the event is happening in 10 days. That's maybe not enough time to get something ready for a performance of Michael's caliber. He wouldn't want to jump into something he isn't ready for. It would be nice, though.