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  1. New to this site!!

  2. Let's end the confusion about MJ's unreleased tracks here

    Not everything ended up on Bruce' desk. It probably was discarded at early stages.
  3. Handwritten Lyrics

    That's a fair point. It wouldn't be the first time him "borrowing" elements from other peoples work. Michael was known for that.😁 For instance, Little Susie must have been inspired by the poem "The Bridge of Sighs" byThomas Hood. Or Michael McKellar by "Eleanor Rigby" (The Beatles). Chico was...
  4. The Cascio Tracks Have Been REMOVED!!!

    The original Korgnex was (and probably still is) a hardcore believer of MJ singing on these songs. Who are you btw? Please take off your stolen mask so we can see your true idendity.
  5. Handwritten Lyrics

    Just speculation atm. It hasn't been confirmed or denied yet.
  6. Handwritten Lyrics

    There's speculation that Chico might have been recorded as "Going to Rio".
  7. Handwritten Lyrics

    In the life of Chico Famine, starvation, hunger, poverty, a South American Family Chico, his sister, brother, mother live alone in an old run down shack N. of Brazil. Drought is killing the people and the calf extinction has made food supply harsh The father of Chico went off to city for help...
  8. Let's end the confusion about MJ's unreleased tracks here

    MMcK was written after LS. Both songs being about child neglection doesn't mean they're connected.😉
  9. Babyface Talks About MJ plus a Tribute

    new video where Babyface mentions meeting and working with MJ
  10. Let's end the confusion about MJ's unreleased tracks here

    No, but Jason Malachi did.🤦‍♂️ Seriously, no offense but don't you read what has been posted on here?
  11. The Brad Sunberg Seminar Leak/Theft of 2023

    ^ the entire "promo flight only cd" story was bs.
  12. Swap out one track on each album for an outtake from that album's sessions

    OTW ??? Thriller - TGIM / TGIM demo or Hot Street Bad - JGG / Streetwalker Dangerous - SDW / SPYHO History - CT / IIS Invincible- Privacy / Escape
  13. Samples from previous songs

    not exactly the same words but same vocal melody: The Jacksons Wondering Who - bg vocals hee hee hee love is blind vs Chicago 1945 (hee hee) found again 3:03f 2:49f Ralph Tresvant Alright Now - (assuming Michael's demo is identical to this) When we give to each other whatever we need...
  14. Let's end the confusion about MJ's unreleased tracks here

    Isn't someone else doing the Joker on here, someone who goes by the username *cough* L *cough* o *cough, cough* ... ?