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  1. Behind The Mask Thriller 40 Discuss

    Ahhhh ok!!! I am going to try get the original “I don’t wanna talk about it “ ad libs from the demo and add to my version and take out the 2bad song ones I used, then I can say it’s more or less perfect! Trying to get a proper clean a Capella for the thriller 40 demo is not easy though!
  2. Behind The Mask Thriller 40 Discuss

    Wow what a reply! Thank you so much! I’ve not heard this Hayvenhurst demo, do you have a link?
  3. Behind The Mask Thriller 40 Discuss

    Hi everyone, new to this forum 😊 I have always been fascinated by this song, a fellow member Kai helped me create a version that I felt structure wise worked, hope you enjoy it ? But anyway, back to the point. The demo on Thriller 40 has left me even more confused. There is clearly a more...
  4. Thriller 40th Anniversary - Songs Discussion

    I agree, so many vocals that are on the 2010 mix are missing so he clearly went back to it, we know he helped Greg P finish his version, I noticed that his version takes out the “heaven must be wearing” and the chorus is for both the “there is something in your eyes”. I always felt the Greg P...