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  1. MJ_is_mah_life

    Days-Hours-Minutes-Seconds...without Michael Jackson

    I used to do the opposite of this...At school...people made fun of me for liking him...So I'd "get them back" by scaring them half to death by figuring out how many minutes old he was :lol: Almost 30 whole days? no way...this isn't happening...:sad:
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    Poll for the girls

    Well I'd laugh and walk away... Partially cuz I always found the idea of getting a random girl on the street that way amusing, and partially cuz I like girls...:tongue:
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    How Old Are You and How Long Have You Been an MJ Fan?

    Re: How old are you and how long have you been a MJ fan? I'm 15...I first heard of MJ when I was 12...I was obsessed with Beat It for 2 days...then I forgot about it. I was afraid people would make fun of me... Then about a year later...October 12, 2007. I became a fan cuz I no longer cared...
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    Anyone else here become a fan in the last few years?

    My first "official" day as a fan was October 12, 2007...The day I tried to kill myself...hehe....:happy:
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    Have anyone given up on Michael?

    Only got one thing to say. If everyone has given up on his comeback, why are we still here? :lol:
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    World Music Awards 2008 *UPDATE: Michael Jackson did not win; Kid Rock got the WBPMA *

    Re: World Music Awards 2008 (Michael Jackson nomined to World Best Pop Male Artist) Lol surely... omg I made up an Obama dance :lol: It was awesome to do at school and have everyone stare at me as if I were a freak... Me back to topic... If the show is almost 2 hours in, how much longer...
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    World Music Awards 2008 *UPDATE: Michael Jackson did not win; Kid Rock got the WBPMA *

    Re: World Music Awards 2008 (Michael Jackson nomined to World Best Pop Male Artist) aww man....tht stinks...if Kid Rock wins I'm gonna be all "GRR" cuz I need something happy like RIGHT naw...bad life....
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    If Michael announced a tour today....

    If tours anywhere in the contiguous USA and I don't get to go....I will kill my mom :ninja: not REALLY though.....but I'd be feeling pretty horrible for a long time....
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    Have you ever had problems with your family just for being a MJ fan?

    My parents don't hate him so much as they like everyone else more....:blink: I've actually convinced my mom to be an MJ fan for the most part and my dad just hates music all together so it's not really his "fault" I get a lot of trouble from friends and people in my area though...Been beat...
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    Thriller vs. Dangerous

    I like Thriller more right's only because I listened to Dangerous nonstop for like 8 hours a few days ago :lol:
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    Could Possessiveness & Jealousy prevent you,,,,,,,

    No, never...If he is married again I would be happier because I'd know that he is happy... Though I do tell people who ask that I love him...since I probably never will meet him or have any type of chance whatsoever...I love him more as a dad or something... (Can't wait to say THAT to all my...
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    Best song written by Rod Temperson

    I :wub: Baby Be favorite off Thriller I think...:wub:
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    Old voice or New Voice?

    My favorite albums are in the "new voice" but all my individual favorite songs are older :lol: So I definitely am at equality.
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    What Is Mj's Best Opening Song From Each Album

    I was between Bad and Unbreakable but I decided on Unbreakable :wub:
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    Off the Wall or Invincible?

    Invincible is my second favorite CD so I'd definitely pick it :yes:
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    To me it sounds like that....then "i wanna be with you girl" Why? Is this weird? :mello::unsure:
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    You Meet MJ in an Elevator - Reaction?

    I'd probably have an :bugeyed moment and then say "Hey..." I'd smile like crazy....I do that anyway but probably even MORE than usual :lol: I'm always cheery
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    What Is Mj's Most Inspirational Song

    I picked....Heal the World, Man in the Mirror, and Keep the Faith....all three of these changed me at some point, though there are many others, these mean the most to ME....:lol:
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    What kind of tenor is Michael Jackson?

    If you can't play the file as an .m4a you can convert it on online conversion websites, then you can play it using programs your computer (or you!) is more comfortable with! :happy: That note in 30th A. is...:bugeyed Still waiting for my conversion so I can hear the low-ness
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    Michael's Biggest Hit???

    I'd say thriller or beat it because I have a lot of friends who have never heard of billie jean.....for people who are older and remember the stuff when it happened i bet it would be billie jean though....