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    Elizabeth Taylor was Bad Influence in Michael's Life

    But what if FRIENDS need to make their friends to GET UP sometimes and do things they don't want to do but for their own good! To say "Yes" and "Do as you wish" not always what TRUE friends should do, IMO. Elizabeth understood Michael's feelings and could also understand what things will be...
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    Elizabeth Taylor was Bad Influence in Michael's Life

    It all sounds exactly like silly things good friends would actually do, lol!
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    Should the estate be looking to produce a BIOEPIC given the interest in a Freddie Mercury/Elton John

    Bohemian Rhapsody is a wonderful movie, sure there are inaccuracies. But it's not a documentary. Freddie is just lucky to have Roger and Brian. I know some fans love to hate them, but, IMO, they do some great job by keeping memory of Freddie alive. For me it's obviously that he is important to...
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    Re: Rami Malek on The Tonight Show (October 29, 2018) Watched Bohemian Rhapsody today... IMHO, they did a wonderful job! Well, it's obviously not a documentary. But overall idea of the movie and presentation is really on point. Very emotional and rather respectful. I was so afraid of it to be...
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    Michael Jackson Scream - The Album

    KOPV, I actually think that's the very reason they call the album "Scream". Because there's a song on the album that is called scream. And it goes fine with Halloween theme.
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    Janet reportedly splits from husband Wissam Al-Mana

    Wissam will sure not give his son away! I won't be surprised if at the end he gets full custody of their baby.
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    Estate, Cascio and Porte Sued Over Three Songs on the "Michael" Album - Vera Senova Class Action

    Well, it really depends on taste, I guess. To me even with 100% of MJ’s voice, these songs were not worth of being released. They have nothing of Michael in them, not just voice, IMHO.
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    Donald Trump and Michael Jackson: The full story behind a mysterious relationship

    That’s because he couldn’t care less about politcorrectness. I wish media wouldn’t have so much power over people’s opinions. I don’t know if they were close friends or not but Trump supported Michael publicly in the most difficult times! My guess is that it...
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    Paris Jackson cover story for Rolling Stone: "Paris Jackson: A Life After Neverland"

    Re: Paris jackson interview with Rolling Stone. I don't think Paris actually quoted Michael. IMO, she just expressed his attitude with her words.
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    (Prince) Michael Joseph Jackson Jnr. Discussion/Picture Thread

    Re: Prince Jackson -thread ^ From what I see there're no mistakes. It's written in Old English. Edit: Does anyone have a quote tattoo picture to see closer? I don't really understand the lettering myself.
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    Prince, Paris and Bigi News and Pictures (Please Avoid Tabloid Articles and Paparazzi Photos)

    To respect someone and even to like someone’s music doesn’t mean to be influenced by this person and his or her work. Michael no doubt did respect Lennon, his family and other Beatles band members, their work, maybe there was something inspiring for him but to say he was...
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    Donald Trump elected as America's 45th President.

    Just something to say, I guess it's important to add:
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    Branca: Unreleased Music Unlikely in the Foreseeable Future

    As I understand they’ve decided to release Xscape with certain songs not just because they have full vocals but because it shows that Michael cared for those songs. So main criteria is Michael, not just full vocals. With this logic to say that the duet album is a good idea is not right...
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    Donald Trump elected as America's 45th President.

    ^ The more I read the more I think that people are misinformed about a lot of things. It appears that Trump was talking about illegal immigrants... To deport them for legal coming back. Time will tell but it can be a good chance for illegal immigrants to become American citizens.
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    Donald Trump elected as America's 45th President.

    Because that is what it all begins with ... It is very tragic that people do not understand what they are doing. It is not about free speech. Those people are used against America. There'll be some act of provocation, there'll be a point of no return. And you won't like the result. I just...
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    Donald Trump elected as America's 45th President.

    I don't understand. Now I see some Clinton supporters calling Trump new Hitler and some complaining he's doing nothing to stop protests, when there is still Obama in the office... All I see is that people cause more division. The hate is growing. That's is very wrong. I really thought that now...
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    Donald Trump elected as America's 45th President.

    I just want to say … Stay away from street, please. Those protests won’t be peaceful.
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    Donald Trump elected as America's 45th President.

    ^ Yes, please... Leave other countries! Edit: anything can be criticized, that's OK but the point is that the man has done nothing yet, good or bad ... Give him time, a chance and we will see. Now to go along the election campaign promises, well, I guess we've should have done so before...
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    Donald Trump elected as America's 45th President.

    ^ The thing is that Trump supporters don't think he is racist ... And I wouldn't say that only stupid people voted for him, these same people not so long ago voted for Obama.