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  1. "Michael", a biopic about Michael Jackson, is officially happening.

    According to a recent Morning Consult poll, a huge chunk of the US population is interested in seeing the MJ biopic. Moreso than any other celebrity they polled. And a staggering 75% of Gen Z, and 67% of Millennials are interested in the movie.
  2. "Michael", a biopic about Michael Jackson, is officially happening.

    Michael Jackson has appeal among all age groups. He has it all… major legendary talent, controversy, scandal, and a story everyone grew up following. MJ has a uniqueness that no other celebrity can compete with. Some people think he’s guilty, others think he’s innocent. This stuff gets everyone...
  3. The Michael Jackson Chart Watch

    Thriller has actually sold 3 million copies in Canada (3x Diamond). Any album released before 2008 has different criteria than the newer albums. So to reach Diamond after 2008 you need to sell 800K copies. Before 2008= 1 million.
  4. The Michael Jackson Chart Watch

    The Queen biopic was responsible for a huge sales push for the band as well as streaming. It went on for a solid year. MJ's biopic will do even more for him get ready.
  5. The Michael Jackson Chart Watch

    What does "pure" sales mean in the USA sales. How many total copies has it sold? Like if you include streaming.
  6. The Michael Jackson Chart Watch

    Thriller is projected to sell 21K+ copies in the USA this week, a 23% increase over last week. Expect it to rise a couple positions on the Billboard 200 when data is released next week.
  7. The Michael Jackson Chart Watch It's the only 3X Diamond album in Canada, meaning its the biggest selling album in the country.
  8. So I went to the T40 NYC Immersive Experience Nov. 20, 2022...

    Looks amazing! I would have gone if I could.
  9. The Michael Jackson Chart Watch

    Thriller 40 is only 2000 sales away from hitting #5. We still have two full days left of charting. Try to reach out to all fans and friends to buy this album!
  10. The Michael Jackson Chart Watch

    Another post on MJ's certifications from RIAA. This time specifically referring to albums. Right now he's been certified for US sales of 89 million albums. This list is mostly up to date, but there are some missing sales. As of today they are as follows: -Off The Wall has just passed 10X...
  11. The Michael Jackson Chart Watch

    In Chicago's case its all from streaming. 1500 streams= 1 album sale , 150 streams= 1 track sale
  12. The Michael Jackson Chart Watch

    A little tidbit. The Chicago TikTok trend has really taken off. By end of year Chicago will be eligible for GOLD status from RIAA. Already at 400K in sales in US alone. This would be the 2nd single from Xscape to be certified. LNFSG is officially platinum, but once updated it will become 4X...
  13. all the information about invincible

    Invincible should be 3X Platinum in the USA. I checked and its certainly eligible. Call the estate and get them moving on it.
  14. Hot topic Thriller 40th Anniversary

    In the USA there's no question Thriller will beat it. The Miracle is only a GOLD album in US, Thriller is 34X Platinum. Won't even be close.
  15. Hot topic Thriller 40th Anniversary

    Its an 8 disc box set. No way that will sell more than Thriller. Im sure the price on it will be very high.
  16. Hot topic Thriller 40th Anniversary

    I love Nightline! I find it very catchy. The version I have is pretty muffled and its still good. I can only imagine how it sounds all remastered and polished up.
  17. Hot topic Thriller 40th Anniversary

    One thing Im hearing that is really disappointing me... Nite Line and Hot Street will not be on Thriller 40. If true, it will be a huge gut punch given those two songs are among the best cuts for the Thriller era and both deserve a re-mastering.
  18. Hot topic Thriller 40th Anniversary

    The funny thing is even with the media totally ignoring the broadway, acting like it doesn’t exist, AND with the all the reviews talking about the allegations… the show is still sold out every single day. It’s one of the highest grossing broadways in NYC, won 4 Tony Awards, and has celebrities...
  19. Stranger in Moscow Story

    Michael was probably inspired by a chord or something Buxer showed him. Then got inspired and did 90% of the work fleshing it out and building the song into what it became. We know MJ did 100% of the lyrics, and contributed greatly to the production. I don't doubt that Buxer likely had the...
  20. Hot topic Thriller 40th Anniversary

    Then maybe you need to take a break from the fan community. Because this is where we are right now. MJ is a controversial figure and has been accused of some horrible stuff. It only makes sense that many people out there will have gone on the record saying some things the fans don't approve of...