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  1. adry_mjj

    Bucharest pays tribute to MJ on August 29th 2011

    I wanted to share with you this special tribute that the romanian fans brought to Michael on his birthday. I hope you'll like it :) I think it's awesome and they did a great job ! :clapping:
  2. adry_mjj

    Happy Birthday Michael!!!

    August 29th 1958, a legend was born and the world was given a gift like no other! You really did make the world a better place Michael. ? ? ? You will never be forgotten! ?Happy b-day !
  3. adry_mjj

    Best Song on MICHAEL?

    Much too soon and Best of joy are my favorite !!! :)
  4. adry_mjj

    Most Romantic MJ song?

    BREAK OF DAWN for sure !!!! I love it ! :)
  5. adry_mjj

    Were you scared when you first saw the Thriller Video?

    I was very scared !!!:shock: Because when I first saw the Thriller video I was only 5 years old.... :D
  6. adry_mjj

    This time --------------------> Dangerous or Invincible?

    I love Dangerous album :)
  7. adry_mjj

    Much Too Soon (new album)

    Until this moment I listened Breaking News, Keep your head up, All I need, Carry on and Much too soon. I don't know how the other song from "Michael" album are like, but at this moment I can say that " Much too soon" is my favorite !!!!!!! I love it !!!!!!!
  8. adry_mjj

    Much Too Soon (new album)

    I agree !!!! I love "Much too soon" !!!! It's an awesome song !!!!! I love it !!!!!
  9. adry_mjj

    I believe 'Breaking News' is 100% authentic and I want to talk about it here

    I love this track and I TRULLY BELIEVE that Michael is on it !!!
  10. adry_mjj

    Keep Your Head Up( from the new album)

    I love this song !!! This is Michael !!!
  11. adry_mjj

    Happy 52nd birthday michael!

    Happy birthday Michael !!!!!!!! I love you sweety !!!!!
  12. adry_mjj

    Be part of the project called "The statue of Michael Jackson" in Bucharest !

    "Pro" means that you agree with the petition, and "Contra" means that you are against the petition. Thanks for your vote !
  13. adry_mjj

    Be part of the project called "The statue of Michael Jackson" in Bucharest !

    "Heal the world in loving memory of Michael Jackson Association" together with Romanian TV chanel, "TV6", has the honour to announce a new project, in memory of Michael Jackson . The project consists in raising a statue of MJ in Bucharest's 6th district. Check out the TV's website to sign the...
  14. adry_mjj

    Mj at elvis tribute 94

    I've never seen this before
  15. adry_mjj

    my friend got an A* for michael

    I'm sure MJ is proud of you ! Good job !! :clapping:
  16. adry_mjj

    MJ angry? Is this really him?

    I don't know what to say.....hmmmm:unsure: it may be him.......:unsure::unsure:
  17. adry_mjj

    Michael Jackson fans, be proud!!

    :cry:OMG ! What a beautiful article ! It described us exactly as we are ! ! !