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  1. LoveBen

    MJ in memory at 61st Prime Time Emmy Awards

    Guys, This is the most I have cried over his death in weeks. I can't believe he is gone, its becoming so real now. It was so hard to watch that.
  2. LoveBen

    Did you cry?

    When I first heard the news, I was in an older ladies apartment (we were both working on a campaign). I just happened to be watching CNN when the news broke. So I saw it all from the report of cardiac arrest to the LA Times announcing Michael's passing. I felt tears welling up in my eyes. As I...
  3. LoveBen

    What Michael Song Is Playing In Your Head Right Now?

    This really cool remix of Billie Jean by DJ007.
  4. LoveBen

    Quincy Jones and Michael. . . What's Q's problem?

    I think this is obviously NOT true.
  5. LoveBen

    Cuts Of Michael Jackson

    It was in Williamsburg. Here is the website.... The address is Figureworks 168 North 6th Street Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11211 You have to take the L train to Bedford Ave, then walk a bit. If you need specific walking me.
  6. LoveBen

    The Short Films Ultimate Survivor Game

    Rock With You: 10 Beat It: 12 Billie Jean: 12 Thriller: 14 Bad: 14 The Way You Make Me Feel: 10+ Speed Demon (Moonwalker Video): 9 Come Together (Moonwalker Video): 14- Another Part Of Me (Live Video):13 Dirty Diana: 18 Smooth Criminal: 23 Leave Me Alone: 13 In The Closet: 12 Remember The Time...
  7. LoveBen

    Cuts Of Michael Jackson

    Hey!! I went as well. There was 3D quality to all of the pieces. His eyes were what really drew to me all of the pictures. They were captured perfectly, and we all now how amazingly complex Michael's eyes were. Funny story from the art exhibit...they had MJ music playing in the...
  8. LoveBen

    Just in: MJ Tribute in Vienna postponed to mid-2010 in London

    LMAOO...that is my EXACT sentiment towards Jermaine. And you are right. 2010 will bring back some of the pain, but we will be reminded of how great Michael truly was.
  9. LoveBen

    9/11 We Must Never Forget................Amazing Video Please Watch

    That video was amazing. Thank you. I was 11 yrs old, in a Middle School in Brooklyn, right across the bay from Downtown Manhattan. The smoke billowing over my home city is something never want to see again. For weeks after the attack, soot from the attack kept finding it's way into our...
  10. LoveBen

    Albums,Tapes,or CD's vs. MP3's bad. I worded my point incorrectly. MP3 encoding omits certain sound frequencies (the ones are brain and ear are naturally turned into)..but eventually your ear will decipher the lack of the sound does technically fade. Vinyl has a full range of sound. Sorry for the brevity...
  11. LoveBen

    How Old Are You and How Long Have You Been an MJ Fan?

    Re: How old are you and how long have you been a MJ fan? When I was about 4, I walked in my 3 yr old cousin doing the Thriller dance. She immediately began to teach me the moves. I remember just loving the song...and began to ask to hear more of Michael. So through my childhood I loved his big...
  12. LoveBen

    Albums,Tapes,or CD's vs. MP3's

    I'm a huge supporter of the album. Yes, I agree with everything said. Artists put songs in certain order to tell a story. Most importantly, recent research has shown that the sound actually fades on an MP3/digital copy (so this includes CDs)...where as on records the sound will last. I'm 19...
  13. LoveBen

    Calling All Fans from US - NC, VA, SC, GA, TN, LA, TX, OK, FL, AL

    Hey I go to college in NC (in NYC right now, but leaving on Sunday!). I would love to meet up for the screening!!
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    'Invincible' is Incredible.

    I always here that Invincible was too long. I really don't understand that criticism. It was 77 minutes long...I had no problem devoting that time to listening to the full album...and I was 11 yrs old!! What is there to cut from it?? The studios wouldn't dare touch the 3 singles, as they...
  15. LoveBen

    New From the East Coast!

    Hey, thank you!!! NYC is an awesome fanbase
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    MJ fans' second favourite artist (prince? SCARY coincidences)

    I love the Rat Pack (Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr.). They are definitely my other favorites. I do LOVE Prince (Purple Rain the movie is one of my favs.) I also have lots of love for Ray Charles, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, The Killers, Stevie Wonder, Lupe Fiasco, Billy Joel, Kanye...
  17. LoveBen

    Handwritten letter from MJ to Cameraman

    This is why he was a gift. To love all is what the world needs right now.
  18. LoveBen

    Signature test

    Hey testing my sig.