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  1. Candy

    oprah pre- michael interivew

    Thanks for the videos. But how can Oprah annoy someone? In my opinion, she is a stunning woman! I love her! She made this interview really impressive. :clapping:
  2. Candy

    (Pictures) Today Celebrate Michael Jackson in Park with Nuture & Animals

    Your day was amazing. Thanks for sharing. :)
  3. Candy

    Describing our beloved in just one word

    and hero, and prince charming :)
  4. Candy

    Sign The Book Of L.O.V.E.

    Egle, Lithuania :heart:
  5. Candy

    friends and their f***king stupidy!!! (michael related)

    Well, I'm sure it wasn't that malevolent. Sometimes my friends also play light jokes on Michael, but it's just their opinion and I don't pay attention to that. Why would I?! I am completely confident of my love for MJ. :)
  6. Candy

    Do you think he's sexy?

    Sexy hero!! :wub:
  7. Candy

    As Christmas Approaches:Did MJ Celebrate C.Mas??

    First Christmas without Michael... :cry: Magic has gone.
  8. Candy

    Time Magazine - Man Of The Year?

    Michael Michael Michael!!! :clap::clap::clap:
  9. Candy


    I think it should be open for everyone as Neverland is also his legacy. It could be used just the same as it was, when my hero was alive. I believe that Michael would want that. :) It can hardly be given to his kids as there is a money matter.
  10. Candy

    Christian Members

    Re: Any Believers in Jesus Christ Here? Now I believe in Michael Jackson. :)
  11. Candy

    Can You Moonwalk?

    That was cute. :D
  12. Candy

    Can You Moonwalk?

    I look stupid doing this, because I have never tried practicing. I only know how to move my legs, but my Moonwalk is not smooth at all. :D I'm not into dancing on the whole, I better prefer singing.
  13. Candy

    Blanket Cries For His Daddy

    The eyes are incredible! :) Love it.
  14. Candy

    The Lip Thing

    Well, then I believe it was a side-effect caused by some kind of surgery. It's hard to believe he used botox as his lips were full from his childhood.
  15. Candy

    The Lip Thing

    The only thing I have noticed about his lips is that his upper lip didn't move while answering the questions to Bashir in "Living With Michael Jackson". :scratch:
  16. Candy

    What Are You Listening To?

    Re: What are you listening to? Shakira - She Wolf
  17. Candy


    I'm 19. :) I'd love to be born in 80's...
  18. Candy

    Older Mike

    Re: older mike Sexy enough to be my idol. :) But I think that couple of monthes before his death he looked too thin and very tired. I'm not sure if he was healthy.
  19. Candy

    Beat It Rehearsal-LMAO

    I love all of those extra sounds, especially "Bonnnggg, bonnnggg, bonnnggg, bonnnggg!!" :D :D