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  1. JamesDean

    Michael and the Sesame Street lawsuit

    He could properbly see the fun in those parodies too don't you think? Sometimes people and businesses take themselves way too seriously
  2. JamesDean

    Michael's Music: Full of Hidden Elements

    You are not alone ;-) - And I too still happen to hear sounds I never noticed before :)
  3. JamesDean

    Remimbering of news on TV July 25, 2009

    the world stopped. I remember sitting on the sofa, CNN running (it was late evening turning to night) and I just sat there - frozen
  4. JamesDean

    Your Favourite era of MJ

    EArly 90's - Dangerous era. His Voice got rougher, the lyrics tighter and the beat harder.
  5. JamesDean

    If Michael stayed at Motown

    Then Michael would have ended up like Jermaine - OK, but never making it big. Michael would never have been Michael staying at Motown - simply because they wouldn't have let him envolve
  6. JamesDean

    Any moral objections to 'Abortion Papers'?

    You Guys are reading the son wrong!!! This has nothing to do with Michaels perception of abortion (it might, but the song doesn't say so) "sister don't read, She'll never know" - the song starts. A sister is a catholic and if she cannot read the bible her self (maybe due to lack of schooling)...
  7. JamesDean

    Xscape (The Original Version): A Masterpiece Composition!

    One thing is for sure: He was FURIOUS that it leaked
  8. JamesDean

    The Invincible Tour (KaiD Records)

    offcause it's not pointless, Kai diserves the credit! I think if you make a thread search you will find the conversations we had on the forum here when he made it.
  9. JamesDean

    Did anybody else get tired of MJ's "anti-tabloid" songs?

    I'd say that Wanna be startin' somethin' is about the tabloids too ...
  10. JamesDean

    What MJ concert do you want released most?

    The story about the Brisbane show was, when it came out, that this tape, was a forgotten tape at the arena - only this first half exist
  11. JamesDean

    "Unity 4 the people" - Charity single by MJ & Prince

    According to popmatters, Prince supposedly returned to the collaboration project with the song "Wouldn’t U Love to Love Me" after refusing "Bad". but that would be a Prince demo. It's clearly my...
  12. JamesDean

    MJ Funky Outtakes, Demos & Unfinished Songs Appreciation Thread

    NOOOO!!! I am diffinately happy with Girl friend, it's the falling in love and burn this disco out. There's no room on of the wall for Sunset driver! ;) I love streetwalker, but I really would miss another part of me, I'm glad the choice went on APOM. Messin' around ... I am happy to hear I am...
  13. JamesDean

    New Book: MJ Off The Wall For The Record

    Chris Cadman is the greatest, if you're still in here Chris and read this, please be assured that we are still people who enjoy your work. So tell me is the book re-cyckled material only or just parts of it?
  14. JamesDean

    Michael's Spanish and French singing

    I remember reading an article, in which the french translator talked about her thoughts while translating I just can't stop loving you into french. I can't remember where I read it, its some years ago, but as I remember, she said; it wouldn't make any sense to translate the english lyrics into...
  15. JamesDean

    Who Was Susie?

    poor Annie, are you OK? abandoned for susie... :)
  16. JamesDean

    Did he even like Pepsi?

    I think the pesi contract ended, when Michael cancelled the rest of the dangerous tour and not "right after the allegations". Those two go close together but as I remember it, the deal made with pepsi was conected to the tour, so as he cancelled the tour their obligations were off. Pepsi could...
  17. JamesDean

    I Am a Fan, But... (What Makes You Heretic Among Other Fans?)

    ^^ you made me smile with this post :)
  18. JamesDean

    I Am a Fan, But... (What Makes You Heretic Among Other Fans?)

    1) I can't let her get away, just good friends and (I can't make it) another day is among my favourite tracks 2) I very rarely listen to the thriller album, but often hear the victory LP 3) I find Randy much more atracktive than Michael during the Jacksons era 4) I've never understood why people...