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  1. Michael Jackson Moonwalk

    MUCH SEE: so FUNNY, poor Michael on show.

    Seen this before, kinda uncomfortable to watch. They were clearly in awe...but it just came across as so uncomfortable. Michael being ever gracious. Just too good for this world IMO...
  2. Michael Jackson Moonwalk

    Taryll Jackson tweets...

    Yes exactly, this is the point!! :punk:
  3. Michael Jackson Moonwalk

    Taryll Jackson tweets...

    Totally agree with this post :punk:
  4. Michael Jackson Moonwalk

    What is MJ's best album opener?

    Startin' Somethin' - the best show opener too, good choice Mike!!
  5. Michael Jackson Moonwalk

    Why wasn't Michael dating Cascio girls?

    Wrong. He doesn't live from controversy. He lives because he is forever. Don't you get it? :smilerolleyes:
  6. Michael Jackson Moonwalk

    Goodbye friends...This is it.

    Good luck with your life, all the best!!
  7. Michael Jackson Moonwalk

    Behind the Mask - Official Discussion Thread

    Re: The "Behind the Mask" Thread I also think this is my best song on the album. So refreshing :)
  8. Michael Jackson Moonwalk

    Justin Bieber Talks about Michael & Something Ironic Happens :)

    That was cool to see. He say's he like's Michael Jackson, and BAM there go's his phone just to confirm the point! Who's BUSICUIT? LoL. "You can't really cover a Michael Jakson song, because he's the best" - Amen to that.
  9. Michael Jackson Moonwalk

    Michael - Your Album Review + Poll

    Re: Michael - Album Review + Poll (corrected, Vote again) I'd give it a 3/4. I still have to hear all the songs MANY more times to arrive at a definitive position (Like with Invincible, most of that album had to grow on me) The reason why I think I haven't rated this album higher is because 1)...
  10. Michael Jackson Moonwalk

    Thanks for PM'ing me :D

    Thanks for PM'ing me :D
  11. Michael Jackson Moonwalk

    Michael Album Leaked - Discussion New Tracks Thread

    Could somebody calm and cool enough please PM the link? Thank you
  12. Michael Jackson Moonwalk

    Much Too Soon - Discussion

    ^^ ditto with you djvernon. The only word I could come up with for the song was BEAUTIFUL. It's incredible.....and I felt overwhelmed, and proud and happy and's...much too soon. :hug:
  13. Michael Jackson Moonwalk

    Much Too Soon - Discussion

    I cannot wait to hear this, more excited about it then I was for BN and HMH, cause It'll be brand new to me.... Anything that was recorded for Thriller, and around that time, just gives me chills :D I'm downloading itunes 10, I wish it would hurry up!! :waiting:
  14. Michael Jackson Moonwalk


    I have actually thought about this a lot - obviously not when Im happy, but in times of deep despair. Escpecially when these are extensive periods, I have wished I could find the 'off' button on my emotional self, so that I could just 'get on with things' the way this world demands. But then...
  15. Michael Jackson Moonwalk

    Can someone give me the original of this pic...

    Hey, found it for you on steady laughing :D
  16. Michael Jackson Moonwalk

    Visited Michael's final resting place

    Wow....if you would be so gracious as to share ANY of your expereince's with Michael...well, let's just say I would be extrmley grateful to live those vicariously. Only if you choose to do so of course... :yes: