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  1. michaeljacksonkingofpop

    What Are You Listening To?

    Re: What are you listening to? Flip Flop Fly by Ellis Hall
  2. michaeljacksonkingofpop

    The last film/tv show you watched?

    Movie: Dream Works Chicken Run TV show: The Golden Girls
  3. michaeljacksonkingofpop

    1 Billion 4 MJ You Tube campaign

    LOOOOOVE Billie Jean! I could watch the video over and over again. :love:
  4. michaeljacksonkingofpop

    Say Goodnight to Michael

    Goodnight, Michael. Love you! :innocent:
  5. michaeljacksonkingofpop

    Your Last MJ-Related Purchase

    I just got "Michael Jackson: The One And Only" book on Amazon a week ago.
  6. michaeljacksonkingofpop

    Name That Michael Jackson Song A-Z

    You've Got A Friend
  7. michaeljacksonkingofpop

    Say Goodnight to Michael

    Goodnight, Applehead! Love you and miss you every day.....:wub::boohoo
  8. michaeljacksonkingofpop

    1 Billion 4 MJ You Tube campaign

    Billie Jean is one my favorites so you know me, I'm playing it all the time! We can do this, MJfam!!! :love:
  9. michaeljacksonkingofpop

    How Long Have You Been an MJ Fan?

    Unfortunately, since 2009 when I saw This Is It. :boohoo
  10. michaeljacksonkingofpop

    Your Last MJ-Related Purchase

    About a month ago, I got a jersey shirt with the Dangerous album cover on it front and back and a white Olodum shirt like the one Michael wore in the "They Don't Care About Us" short film and I got them both on Amazon from a seller in China. They're men's shirts but I don't care, love them both...
  11. michaeljacksonkingofpop

    The Smile

    Does anyone else have a photo of Michael smiling they'd like to share? I'd love to see that beautiful smile again!!! :wub:
  12. michaeljacksonkingofpop

    Did You See Michael in Concert?

    Re: Did you get to see Michael in concert? Nope, because I lived under a rock not knowing who he was when I was growing up.
  13. michaeljacksonkingofpop

    Favourite MJ 'Falsetto' Song?

    It's a tie between Someone Put Your Hand Out and Butterflies for me.
  14. michaeljacksonkingofpop

    Liberian Girl Vs I Just Can't Stop Loving You

    Am I the only who chose I Just Can't Stop Loving You? I'm sorry, but Liberian Girl is a song I can never get myself into.
  15. michaeljacksonkingofpop

    Can Moonwalkers Moonwalk?

    Nope. I fail every time!
  16. michaeljacksonkingofpop

    Can you feel it vs This place Hotel(aka Heartbreak Hotel)

    Heartbreak Hotel aka This Place Hotel! :wub:
  17. michaeljacksonkingofpop

    Your favorite Beat It jacket?

    The original is the best! Bad tour one comes in pretty close too.....
  18. michaeljacksonkingofpop

    2000 Watts VS Heartbreaker.

    I like both songs but I'm leaning a bit more toward 2000 Watts. LOVE Michael's deep voice!
  19. michaeljacksonkingofpop

    The best Working Day and Night live outift?

    Bad tour second leg outfit! White looks good on MJ!!!
  20. michaeljacksonkingofpop

    Thriller 25 versus BOTDF

    Totally Blood On the Dance Floor!