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  1. A.I Michael - opinions

    Which is something Beano can do with his impersonator pal. HMH solo should be pretty realistic sounding as well, since the vocals are already processed-sounding (to me at least). Great idea, @Beano Wild If there are stuff I'd think would be the most interesting to hear out of all of this A.I...
  2. A.I Michael - opinions

    This is actually insane. What did you use other than the clean a cappella? Sounds like a BJ track off of Invincible album
  3. "Pro Xscape"?

    Xscape feels soulless to me after all these years, unfortunately. Mostly agree with AlwaysThere, there.
  4. Jay Z - Girls Girls Girls Pt 2

    Always heard Mikes vocals were suppose to be on this track, but I could never really tell. I *might* make out 1 vocal that sounds like him judging from that Twitter clip, but that has to be heavily buried among those female vocals
  5. I dreamed of Michael twice a day

    Next step is to remember the songs, record them as you remember them, then splash the MJ AI filter on the vocals, create the instrumental and then boom. MJ demo from the land of dreams, lol.
  6. I dreamed of Michael twice a day

    I have even had dreams of Mike singing unheard songs he had made, sounding very legit. Too bad I always seem to forget how they sound like after I wake up
  7. A.I Michael - opinions

    Your username would be the perfect adjective which Eddie would use for a reaction to this
  8. A.I Michael - opinions

    Yet another great suggestion! One of the most beautiful melodies from MJ
  9. A.I Michael - opinions

    Deliver the full CGYWOOM lyrics, and someone can recreate CGYWOOM once the A.I is strong enough 😁
  10. Let's end the confusion about MJ's unreleased tracks here

    Wow, so MJ did do Alright Now!? Man, hope to hear that one, one day.
  11. In MJ's later years, could he sing

    It usually gets deeper so I am sure Mike had no problems doing so. Just listen to his voice during the TII speech
  12. A.I Michael - opinions

    This is a song I really wish MJ recorded. Puts me in a lovely mood each time.
  13. Michael's Unreleased Material [MERGED]

    IG: FB: Twitter: Go on full force! Edit...
  14. Does this sound effect seem familiar to you?

    That's def. the same, probably from the same sound effects library Petarkco said. Funny find!
  15. Michael's Unreleased Material [MERGED]

    Bombay Nights, what an odd title.
  16. A.I Michael - opinions

    This is nuts. Give it a few more years and you'll start having a hard time telling what is real and what is not.
  17. "Michael", a biopic about Michael Jackson, is officially happening.

    Got to say I disagree. You guys almost blaming Michael for his own addiction and death, need to do a deeper dive into who Michael really was, and what kind of life he lived. What kind of challenges, expectations, what kind of boundaries he was breaking, what kind of enormous amount of pressure...
  18. Let's end the confusion about MJ's unreleased tracks here

    This was really cool, thanks. I love a lot of Ne-Yo's music and I think they would've worked so well together. Such a shame Mike didn't have enough time to record something from/with him...
  19. Let's end the confusion about MJ's unreleased tracks here

    Just checked the Monster acappella, nothing special going on there. I think you are just referring to the sound effect (spinning plate sound), which is a common sound