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  1. A site MJ fans should not visit.

    That forum is known for being more on the snob/elitist side and a lot of those types of forums tend to look down on Michael's music, unfortunately from my experience
  2. A List of EVERY Unreleased Michael Jackson Song (1977 - 2009)

    Holiday Inn (Destiny era outtake) (1978) Give Her What She Wants (Goin' Places era outtake) That Girl (Destiny era outtake) You Not Me (later retooled as This Had To Be for The Brothers Johnson) Just Feel It (Victory era outtake) Make A Wish I've Got Her Number Turning Me Off Homeless Bound...
  3. A List of EVERY Unreleased Michael Jackson Song (1977 - 2009)

    There's some songs he worked with James Whitney during the 1977-1979 period we'll probably never hear: Goodness Knows Disco Kids Sweet Music
  4. A List of EVERY Unreleased Michael Jackson Song (1977 - 2009)

    John Barnes has said there are quite a few songs that lyrics and music wise, ARE finished. Not polished to the standards that Michael was known to but all the elements are there and could be released. He said songs like Buffalo Bill just needs some minor fixing up and could be released. The...
  5. More Info About Bad Tour on Film

    The person actually said it on this forum in 2000 Watts. It was the person who had multitracks of the shows. His name was Go Flying
  6. 'Get It Together' (Red Vinyl - Limited Edition) Album Will Be Reissued.

    Bought Moving Violation, Dancing Machine, and Skywriter. Just bought the In Japan reissue and getting Get It Together next week
  7. Was there a planned album after 'Invincible'?

    Interesting because he was still dealing with the 2 Seas Entertainment situation at the time, if I remember correctly
  8. HD Short Films

    I remember an article mentioning that the estate were remastering all the videos for Youtube/Vevo last year
  9. Why didnt Mj perform at Live Aid?

    He was busy with Captain EO, what would become Bad, and business dealings like buying a certain publishing company.... He also felt he was overexposed in the public
  10. Did Michael dated Whitney Houston? if so why did she cheated on him?

    Because they were FRIENDS lol She was dating Bobby Brown in 1991 That visit you're talking about was in 1989 and it wasn't romantic. Their friendship is discussed in the new film about her life
  11. MJ Good News Thread

    Re: MJ good news thread . I gotta check my local Walmart
  12. Billie Jean 25th Motown lip sync?

    There was a lot of lipsynching on the show. Michael's was more obvious because it was the literal album version The brothers lipsynched, High Inergy, The Miracles and a few others had their background vocals prerecorded for the show
  13. Rock with you glove?

    It's from the Destiny tour backstage. If I remember correctly, the photo is in the book, "Before He Was King"
  14. Has Sony forced the Jackson bros to hurry with the release of what became Victory?

    Jet magazine- October 7, 1983 Billboard- November 26, 1983
  15. Has Sony forced the Jackson bros to hurry with the release of what became Victory?

    That fan club record was recorded right after Motown 25 was filmed and apparently, they had been working on songs then, with them mentioning they had about 15 songs by then